1. zicoz's Avatar
    I am testing some apps that my friends company is porting to Windows, but instead of sending me a bunch of gift codes he was wondering if he could just send me the XAP-files.

    I have activated the side loading option in settings, and when I click the file in file explorer I get a pop-up asking me if I want to install it, but when I click "install" nothing seems to actually get installed.

    Does anyone know what causes this, and how to fix it?
    10-18-2016 08:43 AM
  2. D21K's Avatar
    I seen a lot of sideloaded appx requiring some other dependencies before installing, sadly for some reason when sideloading there's no error notification.
    10-18-2016 08:58 AM
  3. gjbcapital's Avatar
    I am sideloading apps all the time. I activate developer mode, upload the appxbundle with the arm compiled code on my onedrive account, click it on the phone and after a few seconds it appears in the app list.
    10-18-2016 04:32 PM
  4. daimv's Avatar
    Universal Windows Apps sideloading work just activating developer mode. But it seems you are trying to sideload an older Windows 8.1 app. To do that, you need to install the Windows Phone 8.1 developer tools (in your PC), and there is one tool that is used for sideloading apps via your PC (when connected with a USB cable). You might have to register your phone as a developer phone too.

    I have done this before and it works. But you might tell your friend to make a Universal Windows App so that it doesn't need so much hassle, and also it can support Continuum etc.
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    10-18-2016 05:18 PM
  5. zicoz's Avatar
    Thank you that seems to have done it. Had to install VS2013.

    Yeah, would be nice if they could release them as true Universal Windows Apps. The thing is that it isn't his company that builds the apps, they are outsourcing it to someone else, and they are just simple ports of IOS apps. I think they're using Corona as they dev platform.
    10-19-2016 01:19 PM
  6. daimv's Avatar
    Well here's the uservoice suggestion for uwp in corona http://feedback.coronalabs.com/forum...d-w10-mobile-i hopefully they'll listen.
    10-19-2016 01:32 PM
  7. XamlMan's Avatar
    I'm hoping this little info helps someone researching side loading their UWP app. I just learned that since the anniversary edition of Windows 10, you can now side load the *.appx file in the compiled Release folder (..\bin\x64\Release\) by simply double-clicking it. It is a very clean way to install your app on another machine and not have to copy the entire contents of the latest App Store build from the AppPackages folder and run the PowerShell script. This is much cleaner, but not geared for production release a customer would use though. I still think the Windows Store is the best solution or using Visual Studio Team Services. I couldn't believe how easy it was and it is so much cleaner. You do need to have your app signed though and of course Side Loading needs to be turned on at least.
    12-15-2016 02:54 PM
  8. ML10's Avatar
    Possible to sideload an app like FB Messenger (android/ios version)?
    01-18-2017 10:41 PM

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