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    So I do have an Xbox Music account that I subscribe to, but at work, we only have Windows 7, so I use the Zune software to access and download music -- until today. I've been trying to download some more artists and the music only shows up with the price listed next to each album/track. Normally, I would see "download" next to the album/track, indicating that I have an active subscription allowing me access to unlimited downloads. I know that it's not just one particular artist that isn't available because I checked several and they all show up as if I have to buy the music. On top of that, there's a notice advertising a "Free one-month Zune-Pass". So it's apparent that it's not recognizing my account. Oddly enough, my Xbox Music on my phone is working fine. No hiccups when I'm trying to download music. I've checked my billing info. I updated everything. I signed out and tried to sign back in. I went to xbox.com access and check my Xbox Music account directly, but that's not even working. It gives me an error message. Nothing is working. Am I missing something? Is Zune being abandoned? Just curious if anyone else is having issues.
    03-04-2014 12:40 PM
  2. snowmutt's Avatar
    Is it just the Windows 7 computer? I still use W7 to manage my account, and except having to sign in more often these last few months, no real problems.

    I did have a similar experince on one of my phones, though. I have only one computer, a WP7 device and 2 WP 8 devices on my account. When trying to sign in on my sons L920, it showed the same types of errors and offered a 30 day trial just like it is on your computer. Turns out that an old WP 7 I no longer used ended up back on the account somehow. It took forever to find a place I could see both Zune based devices and XBOX Music devices to find it. I removed the old Titan 2 and then the L920 worked great.

    Maybe double check that somehow MS doesn't have more devices listed on yur account then what you use? As far as I know, MS has intentions of keeping up the Zune intereface for at least a couple more years.
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    03-05-2014 04:53 AM
  3. In Limbo's Avatar
    Thanks for the insight buddy. I'll have to check my device list again. Btw, are you a craft beer nerd (like myself)?
    03-06-2014 02:33 PM
  4. steven 123's Avatar
    my zune software has stopped working on windows 7 computer.it used to work fine but now it does not pick up my phone. zune has always been slow and lacking behind android and apple ios, but this is a joke. if I knew I had to use zune software I would never of bought a windows phone. it is a nokia lumia 800!!!
    its a very good phone but this software and partnership with Microsoft will finish them!!!!
    04-18-2014 03:11 PM
  5. pseudoware's Avatar
    So April is just about over, and I haven't been able to download any of my 10 DRM-free songs for the month because Zune is all screwed up. I keep getting the stupid "an unknown error occurred" message.

    After having been a LONG-TIME subscriber and supporter of Microsoft's music subscription service, I'm DONE! Not sure where to go from here. "Radio" streaming like Pandora is cool, but I definitely need on-demand music. We'll see.

    See ya, MS! NO sense staying when you can't get what you pay for.
    04-30-2014 10:11 PM

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