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    I'm currently having office 365 license from my collage.

    after doing some research my account is eligible to get the 2016 version of office
    but in my case that's a bit difference from most people

    1. I'm not installing office 365. I'm installing office 2013 and active it with my 365 account.
    this made system gave me the update that offered by 2013 user not 365.
    2. I'm having separate license of Visio Professional 2013 and Project Professional. both are 2013 version. they fit fine with other 2013 MS application but has they own separate product key instead of account

    should I upgrade my office to 2016 version? I'm not really like having difference UI between Project and Visio and the rest of the office suite. will they both work flawlessly as I'm experiencing right now? or is anybody can tell me if I'm able to upgrade my Visio and project professional to the newest one?

    for my system I'm using a bit 2012 laptop.
    2670QM CPU
    8 GB DDR 3 RAM
    Windows 10 Home 64

    should I upgrade or should I stay. anyone can give me suggestion?
    10-11-2015 12:35 PM

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