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    I thought with MS's plan to intergrate Alexa skills, Cortana skills, and microsofts bot framework bot's into Cortana dynamically and contextually, and how easy it is to develop bots using this framework - it might be fun to explore some of these Bots, even though they are not yet intergrated.

    It's going to be pretty huge, because microsofts bot platform is already popular - more than 45,000 developers, a year after release.

    You can find a few of them on Skype. Some work with facebook, or other conversational platforms currently. The skype ones are pretty limited. There's a travel agent, a few medical advisers, some conversational games, and microsofts ones - for memes, fun and some bing search tools. Foursquare is in there. Certainly some useful ones, but would be more useful when tied into Cortana.

    The one I've found that'll definitely be useful in skype is "Summerize". You feed it a url, and it gives you shorter summary. That'll definitely be handy as it is, let alone when we switch to using more voice. But already its really handy for fetching the TLDR out of longwinded websites, and like my posts :P

    There's a directory of some bots here:


    Anyone find any useful or fun ones, post em here

    (PS wasn't sure where to put this. Its not really an app)
    04-18-2017 12:31 AM
  2. Drael646464's Avatar
    Interestingly there are some on that list, that aren't yet in skype, but work with skype. Like a note taking dictation "notes".

    And also "HotelBookingBot"

    Damn, I can see already how handy Cortana is going to be, when this is intergrated. "Hey Cortana, book me a room" "Hey Cortana order me a pizza" "Hey Cortana call me an uber". "Hey Cortana, recommend a great thai resteraunt".
    04-18-2017 12:49 AM

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