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    I was having an issue with my new Lumia 900 and think I found the problem, which may not be the phone at all. Just thought Iíd share this in case anyone else comes across this issue.

    Problems (not sure if you would describe it as over-sensitive or phantom fingers):
    1) Sporadic keyboard. Sometimes keys would not register that they were pressed on the virtual keyboard and at other times, multiple key presses on multiple keys would register at the same time. Impossible to type anything.
    2) Zoom instead of scroll. Iíd be scrolling through a web page and find that while scrolling the screen would sometimes jump from scrolling to zooming in or out. It was as if there was a second phantom finger on the screen.
    First thought was dirty screen, but cleaning did not fix. Thought maybe it needed to reboot, but that did not necessarily fix the problem.

    Changed the wall charger. The wall charger I was using was a 5V, 1amp (cheap aftermarket POS) wall charger I had been using just fine on my iPhone and should work just fine on the Lumia, but it did not. At first I didnít realize that issue only appeared when it was charging from one particular charger because I would plug it in and not mess with it immediately. Today when I realized what was going on, I swapped out the cable a couple of times to no avail and finally swapped out the wall charger which cleared the issue right up. With the bad charger, I could open a text message and type normally, plug in the cable for sporadic keyboard response, and unplug the phone for the keyboard to immediately work normally. I donít know if the wall charger is giving the wrong voltage/amperage or maybe just unsteady voltage, but I think I have found a new home for it in the trash.

    Hope this helps someone else out there. The issue seems to be fixed, but I'll be sure to update this post if not!
    08-13-2012 04:44 PM
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    Lol, seems to be charging faster too!

    Sorry for double post, but board express pro can't handle long posts, much less editing them ;)

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    08-13-2012 05:00 PM
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    This was what happened to me. I thought the phone was just buggy
    12-24-2012 06:23 PM
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    Honestly my phone feels like a totally different device
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    12-24-2012 06:38 PM