03-16-2016 09:16 AM
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  1. DrunkenGoodie's Avatar
    I need to the 950XL because my HTC 8X is just not cutting it anymore. I need a new phone so I can enjoy the windows central app and your website.
    02-15-2016 07:54 PM
  2. Mischkavitch's Avatar
    My first WP was an htc Radar, than Lumia 800, than Lumia 920, than 925, than 1020, than 930. and now i lost my Lumia 930 and my kreditcard in Thailand on a Backpacker-travel. i converted my whole famaly to Windows phone with my old device i gift-giving them. and my whole near circel of friends are invected by me (muahahha) but now i have no Money for a good one Windows-device. my good friend borrowed me his old iPhone 4s...i was so hard desperate so i bought an old Lumia 800 again on eBay for 40 € that is my last money. pls!! Windows Central redeemed me and let me win the Lumia 950 xl plsss
    sorry for my bad english.
    02-15-2016 08:04 PM
  3. deepak loria's Avatar
    Currently I am using Lumia 535

    But will be happy if I get Lumia 950xl
    02-15-2016 08:19 PM
  4. GG002's Avatar
    I can never have too many phones! I'd love a brand new Lumia 950 XL!
    02-15-2016 08:28 PM
  5. Lucas de Mattos's Avatar
    Thanks for the chance! I want to win this Lumia because I live in BRAZIL, and here did not reach the 950 or the 550. They have been "approved" by the responsible company in the country, but without a scheduled date. And probably it will be very expensive, since now the dollar is worth 4 here! Im passionate about the system since its launch. I had Lumia 610, 820... now I have an iPhone 5C, gift from my father. But I miss Windows.
    I appreciate the opportunity and good luck to all!
    (Sorry for my english)
    02-15-2016 09:56 PM
  6. dharmendra davda's Avatar
    Hi all, I love lumia phones since beginning. I already have lumia 625 which is old now and I want to continue my loyalty to windows eco system and hence I want Lumia 950. It's the phone I have been waiting for......................
    02-15-2016 09:58 PM
  7. Tyrion L's Avatar
    Looks like a great phone.
    02-15-2016 10:15 PM
  8. sathindukavneth's Avatar
    To get a good W10 Mobile experience.
    02-15-2016 10:56 PM
  9. Wooziw's Avatar
    950XL would be great for me because I have liked the Windows ecosystem, but recently I haven't been quite sure about its future. I have waited for W10M for showing officially to my 925, but as everyone might know it hasn't yet showed up. I can't afford to 950XL due to my studies and the high price of the device in my country. I would like to give Windows ecosystem another chance.
    02-15-2016 11:26 PM
  10. GodlikeNay's Avatar
    I want the phone because I don't have one yet and would like one.
    02-16-2016 12:17 AM
  11. thodorisp's Avatar
    Would love to win this phone ! i love windows 10
    02-16-2016 12:22 AM
  12. Sriyansa Mohanty's Avatar
    Let the luck be with me
    02-16-2016 01:07 AM
  13. Kal Pan's Avatar
    Give Lumias to the people! yup! Among others, I want it for the cam, the best so far on a mobile phone. Would love to shoot with the 950.
    02-16-2016 01:30 AM
  14. Ritesh Bhatia's Avatar
    Would love to add another gem to my collection
    02-16-2016 01:31 AM
  15. Zayd Bandwala's Avatar
    I read in a review that Lumia 950XL has the best screen ever. I'd like to use it and give it a try!
    02-16-2016 01:42 AM
  16. avalontrekker's Avatar
    Of course it will be awesome to get an upgrade... and it's not totally selfish ... it will be great to be able to test my apps on the 980 XL before shipping :-)
    02-16-2016 02:17 AM
  17. Mohammed Alfarhan's Avatar
    02-16-2016 02:22 AM
  18. kadibana's Avatar
    My Lumia 1320 Gorilla glass got broken and Ive waited so long for a new Lumia that will outperform that phone. Now I have more reasons to have it. Especially that Im about to give birth to our first child, it would be nice to use 950's camera to capture my delivery by either late March or early April.
    02-16-2016 02:25 AM
  19. Badger Metalous's Avatar
    Because my current phone has a cracked screen and I desperately need a new device!
    02-16-2016 03:24 AM
  20. barton poirier's Avatar
    i got nothig
    02-16-2016 03:25 AM
  21. Bskill's Avatar
    Winning a Lumia 950 XL now would be just awesome, since my trusted daily driver, Lumia 1520 is starting to fall apart! :)
    02-16-2016 03:40 AM
  22. MikeKM's Avatar

    I would love to win a Lumia 950XL, can't afford it other wise :)
    02-16-2016 04:06 AM
  23. CarlosAtaide's Avatar
    I can't stand my iPhone anymore! Give me that Lumia so I can get some of my sanity back
    02-16-2016 04:18 AM
  24. ShashwatL's Avatar
    yeah.. i want L950 bcoz I love windows & I love
    02-16-2016 04:36 AM
  25. ShashwatL's Avatar
    i want 950
    02-16-2016 04:37 AM
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