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05-04-2015 11:38 PM
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  1. Mr Lebowski's Avatar
    Naval, Biliran Island, Visayan Sea, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
    1/1332 sec, ISO 100, Exposure -0.7, Lumia Camera 5, Lumia 830.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20150307_17_21_28_procopy.jpg  
    04-14-2015 02:04 AM
  2. Hamza Abu Idris's Avatar

    Device: Lumia 830
    Software: Lumia Camera 5 with HDR

    This picture was taken in Berlin, Tegel (Germany) while being on a jaunt with my family.

    Except adjusting the HDR there was no pre-processing made.
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    04-14-2015 02:09 AM
  3. drinkits's Avatar
    Model: Nokia Lumia 820;
    Softwares: Lumia Panorama;
    Location: Salacgrīva (Latvia).
    Photo was taken during Positivus Festival 2013. River is called Salaca.
    04-14-2015 02:09 AM
  4. omercetin's Avatar
    very nice photos.
    04-14-2015 02:11 AM
  5. usman567's Avatar

    Phone:- Nokia Lumia 625
    Editing:- Lumia Creative Studio
    Location:- Kuwait
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    04-14-2015 02:14 AM
  6. anon(8771029)'s Avatar
    Phone: L925
    Captured with: Lumia Camera
    Location: Germany, Hamburg at the Alster
    No editing
    I was at work and we need to stay near the doctor, so we can react fast if something come in. I was lucky because the home of the doctor was just 50m of the Alster, it was a easy decision to get out of the car and eating my breakfast on a parkbench while joggers behind and watersportler in front of me using the nice day.
    04-14-2015 02:32 AM
  7. naveeneevan's Avatar
    Took this pic from a bridge with Lumia520 edited with camera 360 sight
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    04-14-2015 02:37 AM
  8. orwae52's Avatar
    lumia 1020
    04-14-2015 02:39 AM
  9. derek price1's Avatar
    This was a picture I token with my Lumina 535 with no filters of Ellen valley in wales
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20150401_005.jpg  
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    04-14-2015 02:42 AM
  10. mitachu's Avatar
    This is a photo I took whilst walking on my lunchbreak late last year. The water is Darley Abbey wier in Derbyshire (UK) and the brick building is the historic mill, which played a part in starting the industrial revolution. The water in the foreground flows under the bridge on the left hand side and used to power the waterwheels which fed power to the mills. Although the wheels are long gone, the plan is to reintroduce them again as a way to provide power for the new companies that occupy the mill. The mills are now home to the IT company I work for as well as a bunch of small and artisan companies.

    It was taken with a Nokia 820 and has had no manipulation at all.

    04-14-2015 02:47 AM
  11. josti1975's Avatar

    Model: Nokia Lumia 930
    Software: Fotor
    Location:Amsterdam (ijburg)
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    04-14-2015 02:50 AM
  12. anon(9299928)'s Avatar
    Captured with my 1020, last week. Went out for a drive on a rainy day
    Editing app: Camera360 Sight
    Filter used: Supercell
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    04-14-2015 03:00 AM
  13. OwenStilli's Avatar

    Taken in Iceland on a Lumia 1020
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    04-14-2015 03:03 AM
  14. rockon17's Avatar

    Model: Lumia 730
    Software: No special effects used
    Location: Bhopal , MP INDIA
    Captured at Upper Lake, Bhopal on beautiful evening on sunday.
    - RK
    04-14-2015 03:05 AM
  15. Nekusta's Avatar

    Chaos. Taken with my Lumia 720 and edited with Photoshop CS5. People always try to get the water texture to be smooth but I like all the chaos
    04-14-2015 03:08 AM
  16. Cheli0S's Avatar

    Phone: Nokia Lumia 830
    Software: Lumia Camera (no filters, and no editing)
    Place: Serbia, Čačak. River Morava

    Photo is taken in early morning, around 7:00AM.
    I was there to meet up with my friends. That morning we went to climb to the one of those two mountains.
    It was a fine day
    04-14-2015 03:29 AM
  17. JSArjjun's Avatar

    Model: Nokia Lumia 830;
    Softwares: Lumia Creative Studio
    Location: Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine).
    Photo was taken this Spring evening on the Lake near the central park .Nice Climate to roam around!!!!!!!!!!!
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    04-14-2015 03:31 AM
  18. lunta's Avatar
    After a rainy day in Finland near the lake Pšijšnne.
    Camera: Lumia 710
    Built in camera app
    No any post-processing used

    04-14-2015 03:33 AM
  19. Durri76's Avatar
    wp_20150308_08_25_49_pro-2-_-2-1-.jpg Photo taken with the Lumia 930, on the picture you see the river VŠh and the bridge across it...
    04-14-2015 03:40 AM
  20. qbrick's Avatar
    I took this picture on our first warm spring day in Hannover (N. Germany) on a walk through one of our extensive city parks.
    Nothing was cropped, but I changed the saturation a bit with Windows Photo Editor.
    Camera: Lumia 830 (Lumia Camera app)
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20150308_13_32_40_pro.jpg  
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    04-14-2015 03:55 AM
  21. vsmh96's Avatar

    Colored water :P
    Shot using the default camera app
    Filter : Tsar (applied using Fhotoroom)
    Location : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia. #KLCC (Behind the Iconic Twin Towers)
    Device : Nokia Lumia 920

    On a side note : it can only be seen in the evening or better yet when its dark.
    I'll add the hashtags later.
    I can be found on Instagram : vsmh96 or Fhotoroom : vsmh
    04-14-2015 04:26 AM
  22. Anastazja Michniewicz's Avatar

    Location: Ballyheigue Beach, Kerry, Ireland.
    Phone: Lumia 535.
    Edited with Adobe Photoshop Express.

    My first time entering the photo contest. This is a picture I took on Easter Sunday, one week ago, during a beautiful sunny day. In Ireland we don't get many days like this so this picture is one of a kind. Hope you like it :)
    04-14-2015 04:26 AM
  23. vsmh96's Avatar
    Must say that your 710 is still snapping strongly :)
    04-14-2015 04:29 AM
  24. Pieter Wolff's Avatar
    Lovely fishing boat in Kalk Bay harbor near Cape Town. Lumia 720 and edited with Fotor.
    04-14-2015 04:39 AM
  25. Jimw13UK's Avatar

    Taken looking down Loch Ness from Aonach Mor at the Highland Club, Fort Augustus, UK‎
    Date - September 2013
    Taken on a HTC 8x - no modifications to it
    04-14-2015 05:02 AM
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