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    Hi guys!

    There seems to be an issue with my disk space when it comes to installing the latest update. Here is what happens:

    - The new build is being prepared for install, laptop asks me to reboot to finish installation.
    - Installation goes smooth, no hiccups whatsoever.
    - At a certain point when it comes to finalizing settings my laptop all over a sudden decides to reboot and revert to the previous build

    After a clean restart there is a message saying that the update could not be installed. Error code: 0xC190010C

    After a quick look-up it would seem that this error code corresponds to a lack of free disk space. However, my primary drive has 43(!!) gigabytes of free space.

    My question is: Is this really the case? Or could it just be a bug that it thinks there's not enough space? I've read about microsoft stating that drivers may be duplicated upon install and that a 20GB+ amount of free space must be preserved, but surely 43 should be enough?



    TL:DR: 43GB free space. Still error code saying not enough free space. Is this really possible?
    11-18-2014 05:28 AM

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