1. AymanWP93's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I'm having some big trouble with my Lumia 920 due to some update installation's problems. Here's the story :

    I registrated on Windows Insider and installer the Windows Insider App on my phone. I choose the fast ring config , i went to check out the update for my phone , i downloaded the Win 10 TP and launched the installation. The phone rebooted and the gears appeared and the installation took ~ 20 min. Until this moment, everything was fine.
    After the installation bar ( under the gears ) completed , my phone rebooted and it kept rebooting for 20 times with only the Nokia Logo appearing ( the 2nd phase of the installation : app/ data migration , didn't appear ).
    Because of these unexpected and never-ending reboots , i had to soft reset my phone.
    After the soft reset , the phone started normally , the nokia logo appeared then the Windows Logo and finally my lockscreen. I typed my lockscreen password and all i've got was a black start screen and nothing else. The action center / notification bar doesn't appear when i swype , neither do the application list. Just the fuzzy lockscreen and nothing else.

    EDIT : It's getting worse since my computer doesn't detect the phone since the update. I'm using very various tools and the Windows Explorer & Recovery Tool can't detect the 920.
    I'm thinking about hard resetting the phone.

    Anybody else got this problem ?

    04-11-2015 12:47 PM
  2. Denis Gheata's Avatar
    Hi Bro, I had this problem too, I couldn't fix it and I made a hard reset. Afte the hard reset I didn't get all the apps, I'll instal wp8.1 back(
    04-11-2015 12:53 PM
  3. DCTF's Avatar
    I think we all had something like that with our 920s. There's obviously a lot of superstition involved in any explanation of what worked. Some people are going to tell you they rubbed their bellies six times and then turned thrice widdershins, while other people say they just left it and after a long wait it worked again. I think mine worked after plugging it into the power in a desperate attempt to wake it up, but I don't know if that's really what did it. Once it was working again, I was too busy moving on to analyse the moment properly.

    As for PC detection, my Windows 8.1 PC does see my phone, and I can navigate the folders within as normal.

    The one thing I'd tell you is that the first time I thought my WP10 install had worked on my L920, it hadn't really. My major apps still looked WP8-ish, and some things like the new Outlook and Project Spartan simply weren't there. I did a full factory reset on the phone, didn't allow the backup restore (I figured that the restore might interfere with the new apps), and sure enough it worked this time. It's a pain because I had to install tons of apps and adjust settings manually as though it was a new phone, but I'm happy enough now. Camera doesn't work for anyone, but oddly 3rd party camera apps like ProShot do, and of course you'll have other issues to deal with.

    Depends how much you want WP10 now, but you certainly don't need it. If in doubt, revert and wait.
    04-11-2015 12:55 PM

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