1. adrian1338's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to remove an app in the applist that is installed but not listed there? Soft Reset didn't work. App is installed because I can jump from Facebook Messenger to via User Profile to the original Facebook app. But I have the Facebook Beta app installed now and want the old one to go.
    05-19-2015 04:43 AM
  2. Jonnie LasVegas's Avatar
    Go into storage sense and look in apps and games. You should be able to find it and uninstall there. I've had to do this a couple of times.
    05-19-2015 05:27 AM
  3. ajcletus500's Avatar
    05-19-2015 05:38 AM
  4. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Be aware that this is a link for windows 8.1 and not for W10 TP.
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    05-19-2015 05:51 AM
  5. adrian1338's Avatar
    Good idea,
    unfortunately I cant find it in my storage sense.
    Installing via store beta runs through with new install. Install by the old store does not work because it only lists it there as "view | share" which obviously means I have it installed.
    Clicking on View just ends up on the start screen
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    05-19-2015 09:00 AM
  6. ajcletus500's Avatar
    Ohh its a problem on W10
    Sorry I didnt know
    05-20-2015 11:09 AM
  7. adrian1338's Avatar
    That's why I posted it in here:

    Windows 10 Hub
    Windows 10 Mobile

    Did 2 hardresets since then.. got it removed after the first one :P
    05-20-2015 11:45 AM

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