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    I wanted to install windows 10 mobile for my phone and to do that I first had to update windows phone 8.1 several times. During one of these updates my phone powered off while the update was still in progress and now when I reboot my device it shows the gears grinding for about 10 seconds and then the phone switches off again. I have done a soft reset and because I have a nokia lumia 625 (running wp 8.1 update 1) I also cannot remove the battery. This problem also occurs when the charger is connected so I don't think low battery charge is the problem. Can someone help me?

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    I still think it's battery related, if this first crash happened and your phone was not connected to a charger.
    In this case your battery is very flat(coma stage) and it will take a while before your battery gets "out" of this "coma" state and starts charging again.
    So keep your phone connected to the charger for a few hours.
    06-28-2015 09:21 AM
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    Okay I'll try that. Isn't it a problem that my phone boots -> shows the updating display -> turns off and then immediatly switches on again because it's charging?
    06-28-2015 09:28 AM
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    Your phone will automatically switch on if it's on the charger (normal case)
    So there is not much what can be done to prevent your case I fear.
    I also would already download and install the WPRT and or the LSRT because you may need this re-flash the software and use below article what to do.
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    06-28-2015 09:46 AM
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    I am getting this on a Lumia 435 test device. Managed to get the Lumia Recovery tool to pick it up, so I'm rolling it back to Windows Phone 8.1

    I'm then going to let it download all of the relevant 8.1 updates, before adding the Windows Insider app to it and activating Preview Builds.

    I had previously reset the phone and then immediately added the Windows Insider app, and enabled builds, I seemed to get messages about both 8.1 and Windows 10 builds, so not sure if somehow they interfere with each other.

    Had a right nightmare of a time getting this phone to actually update to 10149 - It was on 10136 previously and was getting the known error, so decided to go back to 8.1 using the recovery tool first, but since then I've had to restore the phone multiple times because of problems.

    Bit of an annoyance, but I do love testing new software, and it's on a test device so not a big deal - As soon as the Microsoft Band functions perfectly with Windows 10, I'll almost certainly jump into it for my daily driver. Had the PC builds on my Surface Pro 3 since fairly early on and not really too many major problems - Just the fact I can't launch the photos app and no way to uninstall and re-install at the moment.

    UPDATE: So far I have reset to WP 8.1, updated all store apps, and just in the process of getting the latest 8.1 update to install (The one that comes up as Critical for stopping the phone from randomly restarting). It seems to get stuck asking me to connect to WiFi to complete the update, even though I was clearly connected.

    I've restarted and trying that 8.1 update again. Once I'm sure that's all working, I'll download Windows Insider and try the build again, then report back whether letting everything update fully in 8.1 has made any difference at all.
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    Okay...So in the same situation again. The phone just turns itself off after a few seconds on the cogs.

    The first time the cogs were on it went all the way to 100% and then starts doing the loop of turning itself off. Looks like I will have to wait until the next build now as tried a few times. Must just be unlucky with this device I guess.

    Unfortunately there's no way to get onto the Slow Ring from within Windows Phone 8.1, I think that option only seems to appear in the Windows Insider app when you are already on Windows 10 Mobile. Otherwise I was going to try doing that first, and then switch to the fast ring from an earlier slow ring build
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