01-15-2018 08:11 AM
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  1. vincentwansink's Avatar
    Using Lumia 1020. Removing the wallpaper and turning off "show more tiles" did not work for me, but after I did both of those I also unpinned most tiles and removed folders. I especially made sure to unpin all third party apps. Then it was o.k. Turned show more tiles back on, still o.k. Turned on wallpaper again, also still o.k.

    I know it doesn't work for everybody, but perhaps all this information being posted by everybody here will help MS narrow down the problem.
    09-16-2015 01:29 AM
  2. asssmdsjkdmsjkwrjcxpowef's Avatar
    Windows 10, Build 10.015063.608. Lumia 930
    A few Days ago my phone acted quite weird and things had changed, as if an update had occurred. The phone was now in flight mode without of it’s own doing and some other things were different but as I was at work an didn’t look until later.
    I noticed that a lot of my apps wouldn’t work, and “loading” with a row of dots appeared on the screen. I spent hours online looking for a solution and was convinced that I would need to do a full reset but as this is a lot of hassle I decided to put it on hold, as most of the phone worked well enough for my needs.
    I did come across one suggestion, that the issue was to do with the time & date, so I changed the setting to manual, instead of automatic date & time. I did a soft reset but nothing happened.
    I switched off for the day and went to bed, Next day I turned on phone in the morning and the time was a couple of hours out, but to my amazement everything was working normally again, especially whatsapp which hadn’t worked for a couple of days.
    So before you spend hours wiping everything out with a full reset, just try this.
    01-15-2018 08:11 AM
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