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    The Zune music store / desktop app has to be the best music service I've used, minus some license issues it was great.

    Zune canceled I moved to google music, it is good, it let me upload all my music but my purchased music is confined, hard to use in other devices.

    Xbox music comes along and it was close to Zune software, appeared to have a little more licensing of music, but it kept changing, I mean my full albums would have songs removed, greyed out, do to licensing and using it on my Windows Phone has been a pain and mainly because of the app / phone function. I guess the main reason for this rant is the music function and locking the phone. When unlocking the phone, the music player shows up for 'seconds' for me to change the song and then disappears, even if I touch a function, that should simply not be the case. I select in options to show media control on my lock screen, at least have a curtsey to shoot an update to add a time for the function to stay active. Instead I have to consistently press the power button when my phone is locked to have the option pop up for a short time and then turn back off. Riding a motorcycle and trying to change the song is a pain.

    I honestly thought updating to windows 10 would correct the issue but it did not. When the phone is locked and you press the power button, you have a short time to change the song before the controller turns off. Not to mention my Xbox Music subscription does not work on Windows 10 as of late.

    The new music app is not what I was expecting, I feel like its going in the wrong direction. IT's almost as if its turing into the regular store like Googles store and that's what I don't like, but that's me. When I open up my Music store and search I want to ONLY SEARCH MUSIC, I typed in Tom Petty (don't judge me) and as I was typing, cut the rope popped up on the list along with other apps, really?!? I then proceeded to find the song and it did not come with any results because I missed an apostrophe '. When I went to Albums to try and find the song that way, I had to consistently hit the back button and it would take me to the beginning of search, instead of bringing me to the album List, it was also mix with other apps and just songs.

    Maybe the title is a little rough, but from Zune Music to now, we went backwards, don't mix music, movies, apps, games into one function and as a software company, this app should just work.

    Bring back Zune.

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    I use the ZUNE desktop software most everyday. It is still amazing, even though Microsoft has removed some features. It was written so well, that it hasn't needed updates to be great. The ZUNE music service (recently Xbox Music service) has also lost features from what Zune had in the past, but it still connects to my PCs, Xbox 360s, my Surface Pro2, and my Windows Phone. I buy a movie on my Xbox 360 and can watch it on my PCs and SurfacePro2 using ZUNE desktop software. Microsoft, please bring back all the past features of the ZUNE desktop software to add to the new Groove with OneDrive Music folder.

    Please stop starting all over again, with less features. Find the ZUNE software team and let them teach the current Groove team.
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    07-18-2015 10:04 PM

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