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    I'm having a real situation with my Lumia 920. I was on WM 10 build 10512 for around a week or two, but the bug occured two times earlier on different builds. The bug is very frustrating. These are the phases:

    Today in the morning (a few minutes after dismissing the alarm, the bug occured every sinngle time a few minutes after dismissing the alarm, but that may be irrelevant) phone stopped responding to almost anything. Pressing power + vol up for 15 seconds causes it to vibrate once but nothing else, no light, screen is off. PC can't detect the device.

    Second phase is when PC starts detecting something - but I know it's the Lumia. It detects and after a couple of seconds loses it in a loop. Clearly the internal firmware tries to boot up and load the SPL, but fails even before showing NOKIA screen.

    Third phase is when the device manages to start up. Today it failed to load Windows, though. I could try to get the debug logs, but I haven't got the first idea how to do it. I need the phone for tomorrow and I don't want to risk that I will disconnect the USB, reboot the phone and it will die. So if anyone's got an idea how to contact Microsoft or get the debug logs before flashing the phone, please help me. Otherwise any information about the bug will be lost.

    Kind regards.
    08-26-2015 11:35 AM
  2. Mathew K Jose's Avatar
    did you tried hard resetting the phone?
    08-26-2015 12:16 PM

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