10-22-2015 11:32 AM
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    Update on the hard reset. I went ahead with it reluctantly because there were a few apps I didn't want to lose that are now gone from the app store(SuperTube was one of them). However upon a fresh restart and not using one of my restore points, this build is 95% flawless for me on my Lumia 920. Seriously. It's fast. Smooth. Responsive. And I say 95% flawless cause there are still a few brief instances of "resuming" but much more acceptable than the "loading" cases that made my phone completely unusable. Also I absolutely hate the Edge browser at this point in comparison to Chrome which I use every day on my Xperia Z3. Don't get me wrong, the scrolling and navigation of pages is quicker and smoother but I find it slow and unresponsive to taps and web pages often reload or crash at some points even in static use. The keyboard is a lot faster when typing as well and any changes I've made have not caused the OS to go into a "loading" state. I would highly recommend this build with the prior caution that you will almost have to do a hard reset and start completely new.
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    10-19-2015 02:16 PM
  2. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    I'm on build 10549.4 now and it's running fantastic, fast using Lumia 928. I was on 10536 with all the problems and was almost unusable I went back to 8.1 I left it do all updates then loaded the insider preview app signed I and updated to 10549.4 and not using any restore from back up. Reloaded insider preview again and left it do the other update "note" starting at 8.1 I left it do all it's system's apps updates from the store and then also checked for any other updates and left it to settle in for a little while before moving to the next build and not signing in until needed. At the end I choose not to do a master reset and my outcome is as follows. It is lightning fast and all apps load almost as fast as 8.1 I have background image on start screen and a least 35 apps too. No loading or resuming insures, I have glance that only show time, I have my image on lock screen and showing calendar, all setting's seen to be working fine, here drive maps work fine, the phone open's and close's very fast no loading I don't use pin code, it powers off and on quickly. At this point I'm almost afraid to move to any other builds because of the way this is running, I had this now running from last Saturday.
    10-22-2015 11:32 AM
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