1. il_b's Avatar
    i'm new to windows phones, so please sorry for my (maybe) stupid question:
    lumia 830, win mobile 10 latest fast ring build

    my contacts have 3 or 4 phone numbers each, some with a custom prefix for billing purposes (i.e. cell 1 : 41460039123456 , cell 2 0039123456 , home 41460039212345)
    the people app does not show any number (i.e i see cell1 and home, or cell1 and cell2) so i can't choose between all the phone numbers to start a call : if i go to the edit menu, i see all the numbers.
    related to this : since the "4146" is a custom prefix, whatsapp doesn't recognise the number i cannot start a chat with the accounts in wich the "normal" phone number is not shown.

    what's wrong ?

    thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english :)
    10-16-2015 10:00 AM
  2. vzczc's Avatar
    Have the same problem consistently in Windows 10 People app (Mobile and Destop). If the last 6 digits are equal only 1 number is shown. This is a very annoying bug.
    01-15-2016 07:14 AM

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