1. tabraoui's Avatar
    Hey all,
    I have a Lumia 820.
    I've already tried almost all the previous builds (mostly I went back to 8.1, but was very happy with build 10536).
    I updated to 10549 a week ago... All working well (almost) however, for the first time, the caller ID does not display when I receive a call... Weird.
    I already tried a hard, clean reset... twice... same thing.
    I checked the forums... I didn't see anyone else with this issue (I hope I'm wrong though)
    If anyone has an idea, please... help
    10-19-2015 10:12 AM
  2. Krystianpants's Avatar
    Privacy > background apps
    make sure phone is enabled

    System > phone

    Make sure "show my caller ID is selected to something. Sometimes it's blank may cause problems

    Then scroll down and select choose apps. And make sure "calling" isn't using some app you may have installed. Should be set to none. And call filtering should be set to none or whatever you use to filter apps.

    The settings are really all over the place. They need to clean it up a bit.
    10-19-2015 11:35 AM
  3. tabraoui's Avatar
    Thanks. But it's not that.
    I finally figured it out.
    I have my region set to United States and I don't live in the US.
    When I changed my region to my country... It worked.
    But, I always had my region set on US (since my first Lumia 800 )... this was the first time it messed it up.
    10-19-2015 03:15 PM

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