1. gourav mopidevi's Avatar
    Split screen:
    we know by holding Microsoft logo screen shift to half(one hand use) another half left blank.i wish/want two user defined options in settings for that half blank space above one hand use.
    1) as soon as user use one hand...action center must be displayed in place of blank space if user get any new notification he must be able to open respective app in that half without disturbing one hand use.(two apps at a time).
    2) instead of action center user can choose his respective apps to run on blank screen.

    accent colour:
    1) accent colour and translucent action center same like desktop os.
    2) optioin in settings same like desktop os automatically change live tiles/system/action center accent colour depending upon background image.

    background image/start screen image:
    ability to choose bing images as start screen images same like lockscreen instead remove bing watermark on startscreen where as don't remove watermark on lockscreen.

    1) music control on lock screen & action center & live tile.
    2) display music artist/art while hearing song as background for music control on lockscreen and live tile.
    3) option to sync music artist/art in groove music.

    1) swipe palm to capture screen shot.
    2) I saw this on lumia 640 double tap on nav bar to lock device I want this feature for all on screen key devices and for capacitive devices double tap windows logo to lock device.
    3) I hope u remember gesture beta app add it directly into settings.
    4) flip to slience option is present in call move it to gesture.

    1) windows default camera is not good...ability to download lumia camera from store or rebrand it as windows camera and remove existing.
    2) QR code scanner/Blink/Paranoma/slow motion/refocus add them as default to lens option don't want to download different apps and search apps when right moment comes.

    1) ability to select which folder(photos) from onedrive must sync/display in photos app.
    2) if user sorted photos in different folders and given name to each folder sync/display as folder with folder name in photos app instead day view.
    3) refocus plug in.

    If u agree with my ideas post them in windows insder please.let those ideas which u strongly agree reach Microsoft in someway.
    10-20-2015 01:22 PM
  2. Nicholas Ek's Avatar
    I disagree with most of your points in concept.
    I don't understand at all the Windows Camera complaint - it's literally a port of the Lumia Camera app, for all Windows devices.
    I like the suggestion of filling the empty space with the Action Center when lowering the screen though.
    10-20-2015 03:27 PM

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