1. gioulist's Avatar

    I have WM6.5 on a Touch Pro 2

    I recently noticed a rather annoying feature of WM. I am not sure if it's new or original, as I've only had the phone for a few weeks.

    I am on a messaging program (SMS/MMS or one of my email accts). I close/end the program (I also go to the Task Manager making sure there are no running programs). I go to the Home Screen. I switch the screen off.

    A few minutes later, I turn the screen on. Instead of the Home Screen, the last messaging account is open, staring at me!

    It's not that important,as I would simply X on top right and go to the Home Screen. But rather annoying. Interesting, it doesn't happen all the time either. Sometimes I turn the screen on and the Home Screen is right there.

    Thoughts appreciated
    08-04-2010 03:41 AM
  2. altae's Avatar
    I have never experienced this kind of behaviour. So maybe it's really a problem with your phone/ rom. How is your device configurated? Does hitting the X close or minimise the program? My phone (Xperia X1, WM 6.1) closes programs when tapping the X button.
    08-08-2010 01:11 PM
  3. gioulist's Avatar
    many tks altae

    the TP2 has a stock voda ROM, recently upgraded to WM6.5

    programmes DO close when the X is hit, but they just reappear a few minutes later

    not sure if it's a TP2 issue or a WM issue, as it has already reported separately with no resolution - from microsoft website:


    thoughts appreciated
    08-08-2010 02:05 PM
  4. jfa1's Avatar
    havent experienced that with my stock att tilt2. Another forum is reporting that a rom update is coming out for the tilt2 within the next week or so.
    08-19-2010 12:50 AM