1. arunassmv's Avatar
    Earlier, i used a java english- tamil dictionary applet on my java based nokia 2600c phone.There were no problems of tamil bit fonts.
    But on my new windows mobile ( I -Mate ultimate 8502/ windows mobile 6 professional) the bit fonts of above dictionary appear as little square shapes. Real font shape doesn't show.
    But, this ppc model supported JAVA really.. I use few java apps on it .they are working charm..........

    Is there a way to get this bit fonts appeared in real shape ? (it means render correctly....)
    Are there any softwares to do it ?.

    Kindly help me !. Because, it is very important to my studies !!!!!!!

    This problem is not only for English-Tamil dictionary but also dictionaries of other languages.
    In all apps English fonts has not any problem. Bit fonts of other languages is the problem.
    I don't think it is a bug of apps.Sometimes It may be a little problem of Java platform of my windows mobile.
    I believe that sometime a piece of additional software will solve this problem.

    Kindly help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    05-13-2011 12:36 AM