1. souther32's Avatar
    Windows 6.1

    Love the phone but the only problem I am having with it is adding freeware to it.
    Some software is not supported by my device for some reason and I was wondering if there is any good sites out there to download from.

    Thanks in advance
    07-31-2009 08:44 PM
  2. jollygrunt#WP's Avatar
    I've since learned that this phone is a smartphone and not a pocketpc, and because of this some windows mobile software that is supposed to be compatible won't install at all. For example I purchased "bejeweled" via AT&T media mall and it wouldn't work at all eventhough it shows up as compatible for this phone. I escalated to a tier 2 tech support and they couldn't get it to work so I was credited for the purchase.



    08-14-2009 07:01 PM
  3. dougsyo's Avatar
    Basically you have PocketPC (touch screen) and SmartPhone (non-touch).

    Some apps only run on one or the other. Be sure to check compatibility with your phone.

    That may be harder with newer phones, but you might find that apps for Pantech Duo will also work on Pantech Matrix Pro, since both are non-touch phones with similar design.

    08-20-2009 01:22 PM