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    Mobilnaut Keyboard 3.0

    Mobilnaut Keyboard 3 brings to you simplicity in letter typing on your Pocket PC. It doesn't matter what keyboard is your favorite — Mobilnaut Keyboard 3 conform to your habits. Are you used to classic QWERTY? No problem. Do you prefer simple and precise typing by finger on the go? This is the best solution for you and the bigger finger the bigger advantage you'll see. With wide possibilities to customize you can make thousands of different keyboard layouts and skins. Your keyboard can look like from Star Trek, Enigma or whatever you want.


    * The product is certified as "Designed for Windows Mobile 6"
    * Many keyboard layouts supported (see list below)
    * Many language supported (see list below)
    * Fully customizable through XML
    * Comfortable typing by finger with conserved QWERTY advantages
    * Each key can contain one to four characters or functions
    * User scripting
    * Advanced gesture functions
    * Switch layout by one move
    * A lot of special keys like PgUp, Esc, etc.
    * Advanced support of hardware keyboards
    * You can remap hardware keys
    * A lot of special functions like screenshot maker, run any application, etc.
    * Simple activation

    Currently supported layouts
    At this moment there are following layouts in download area:
    Czech QWERTZ, English QWERTY, French AZERTY, German QWERTZ, Polish QWERTY and many others
    You can easily make your own layout, share it with others on this site and get one additional license for free.
    Currently supported languages

    At this moment there are following language packages:
    Czech, English
    Another languages can be added depending on demand. If you want to help us with translate to your language, please contact us. You'll get some licenses for free.

    Download demo and all info: http://www.mobilnaut.net/go/mnkey3
    01-15-2010 12:31 AM
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    looks like una porquería
    01-15-2010 11:36 PM