1. pseudoware's Avatar
    For those who use fb (it's funny how often I hear "I don't really login to fb that much", yet I still see frequent posts/comments from those people), do you see "via Facebook for Windows Phone" all that often amidst all the iPhone, Android, etc. mobile posts.

    The only one I've see is mine, lol, until recently, one dude has "via Windows Phone" with the red logo which I believe means he has integrated fb in the people hub. Of course, this is one of those fb friends who I last saw like 20-something years ago, who I barely knew to begin with, and would probably never have even thought of again had it not been for fb, so I had to resist the urge to comment, "Hey, new phone? How do you like it?" :P

    Anyway, just wondering. With mango out, it will be interesting to see if more of those red WP logos start showing up over time.
    11-07-2011 07:16 PM
  2. based_graham's Avatar
    I had the red logos show up ever since NoDo
    11-07-2011 10:52 PM