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    So I made the big jump. Got my $.01 Focus S in the mail a few days ago and have been working on rebooting my thinking of how a phone should work.

    My overall impression is that WP7 is an elegant OS design.

    For a sense of where I'm coming from, I am a 25+ year technology veteran. I tend to think in data design terms. But a while back I had the good fortune to work very closely with a brilliant designer who taught me to see the world differently - through the lens of UX design and general design thinking.

    It's clear to me that MSoft had some of those types working on WP7. Not only is the design visually pleasing, the user interaction experience is intuitive and seamless. The approach to interacting with the phone, apps, and especially people is very different from my trusty and familiar WebOS. I guess, WebOS was more akin to my data model style of thinking. WP7 is - well - different. It pretty transparently leads you where you need to go, albeit with a bias towards social media interaction.

    I expected to really miss WebOS Synergy but I find that WP7 is able to integrate all my various contacts in a way that works even better. In addition to Facebook, LinkedIn and now Windows Live accounts, I also have 2 yahoo mail accounts, 2 gmail accounts, and 4 other business emails that I check daily. (Yes, I do tend to over-complicate my life.) I grouped all my various email accounts into 3 home screen tiles which works just great. I also have 3 people groups tiles that mirror those. That is a real productivity gain for me.

    WebOS's ability to truly multi-task is still unbeatable from a pure technology architecture perspective - but perhaps that perspective is not the one that matters. I do find myself confused when I want to temporarily switch from one app to another and try to swipe one into the background like I would on WebOS. WP7 kind of looks at me and says; "Huh? - why would you want to do that? Just go where you want and when you're done, go somewhere else again. And don't bother trying to close apps - just leave that to me, I'll handle everything for you." The fact that the OS is really, really fast makes this a non-issue.

    Calendar functionality is the biggest disappointment though. I have relied heavily on my multi-calendar google account but now am trying to consolidate my various calendars into one. I saw the complaints about this issue before deciding to make the switch so I knew what I was in for. This needs to be addressed.

    I thought I would miss a physical keyboard but each day the on-screen keyboard gets easier to use. I do miss WebOS Just Type functionality. Yes, I can search pretty quickly but it is not nearly as simple or fast. Guess you can't have everything.

    One WP7 trait I cannot yet adjust to is the Windows Live/Hotmail/MSN focus. Seems that to get the full functionality of the WP7 experience your contacts, email, calendar, music and even gaming needs to center around Live. I've never had a Live or Hotmail account before now and didn't really want to add another email/messaging/calendar system to my already full mix. But you got to have it if you're on WP7. I'm not a big music on my phone kind of guy but I do like to stream from Spotify sometimes. Not sure I want to deal with transitioning that to Zune both on the phone and elsewhere and Spotify runs very smoothly on my new Focus S. But I may get more MSN/Live centric soon anyway. FedEx just delivered an Xbox Kinect for a family/kids holiday present that I'll be configuring later this month. We'll see how that changes things.

    All said, it's a net positive change. I'm sad to say goodby to WebOS but it was time to let it go. WP7 is going to suit me quite well and I expect to like it even more as I learn more tricks in using it.

    Thanks to everyone here for the many helpful posts that I read before making my decision. It's a nice community to be a part of.
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    12-03-2011 11:17 AM
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    Very nice review of WP7 were glad you could join us. I'm always sad to see a great OS like webOS die... Not really they can all burn in ****... JK

    Welcome to the WPC
    12-03-2011 01:12 PM
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    I too made the switch from webOS to WP7 and I have not not regretted switching. You are right that the multitasking on webOS is much better but the speed of WP7 makes up for that.

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    12-03-2011 01:21 PM
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    Same here. The switching between apps is really made up by the speed overall. I am sorely missing advanced networking though.

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    12-03-2011 01:48 PM
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    I miss a unified notification center, and a decent messaging app that can integrate various IM clients. And while I like the clean look of metro, the panel headers waste a lot of space at the top of the screen. Makes the useful screen area on my trophy no bigger than a iPhone. Blah.
    12-03-2011 03:20 PM
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    You too? :P

    It sucks to be in this situation but WP7 isn't too bad.
    12-03-2011 04:18 PM
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    Very nice review of WP7 were glad you could join us. I'm always sad to see a great OS like webOS die... Not really they can all burn in ****... JK

    Welcome to the WPC
    Indeed that was a very nice post and I second BigD5's welcome to out WP site! I really like the on screen keyboard I used it more than the physical kb on the tilt2 and that made the transition to WP a lot easier for me.
    12-03-2011 04:24 PM
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    maybe someone can answer this question for me while I wait unpatiently for my Titan to arrive...

    Why does everyone always say that WP needs a notification center? I thought there is one inside the me tile?
    12-03-2011 05:04 PM
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    The comments on the notification center aren't quite logical to me either. I would like Skype and possibly gtalk integrated... Skype should be coming now that it's in the fold...

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    12-03-2011 05:36 PM
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    Ah, okay I guess I get it. I am not to the point that I would need more than the tiles yet though.

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    12-03-2011 05:42 PM
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    Try this for your calendar issues. Should allow you to access your multiple calendars:
    Mango Tip: Sync Multiple Google Calendars with Windows Phone

    I had tons of issues with Gmail and Google calendars and I've moved on, but I've heard that the above works.

    Regarding the Live centralization, you are correct- the full features do require some live.com interaction. Just the same way an Android phone requires a google account. I think you'll find that Skydrive (upload 20gb of photos and see how well they integrate into the phone) and the Office stuff (try Onenote, it's awesome) make the live.com stuff really fantastic.
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    12-03-2011 06:27 PM