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    Hi all,

    The recent release of the Halo Waypoint app highlighted that other parts of Microsoft don't appear to give WP7 the focus it should have on the homepage.

    iOS/Android appear in big letters, with Windows Phone mentioned in a smaller font underneath.

    Further to this, there was the case of the Hotmail login page having the iPhone take the main spot amongst the handsets displayed there.

    And as I've mentioned in a comment on the release of Photosynth, it's taken Microsoft so long to get their own app onto Windows Phone (yet it was a big hit on iPhone for many a month now).

    Microsoft should by now have impressed on all their internal departments and staff that they have come up with a slick and new phone OS - OK, it may lack functionality, but at it's heart, it's a genuine alternative to the iPhone/Android grid of icons/app focussed approach. And this new smartphone system should take central stage in all in-house apps.

    Of course there is merit in developing for the smartphone OSs with the biggest market share - but where possible, at least give WP7 the same attention in promotional material.

    Perhaps WP Central could publish a concise open letter to Microsoft to drive this point home - it's your new baby, give it the best start in life, and don't treat it like the runt of the litter!

    The Gooner
    05-31-2012 04:32 PM