08-01-2012 03:48 AM
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  1. bigkevbosky's Avatar
    I have been looking at the Focus 2 and it does deserve a shout...it seems like it has a good camera and a better size. She did express interest in being able to do a panorama shot. Is that only available on the Lumia? Also, are the Nokia exclusives worth considering or are they slight gimmicks? Is the Nokia navigation something worth noting, too? She used to use a Zune and I think she'd enjoy having it again (even though the name is changing soon).

    Another thing worth mentioning is that she currently has a Blackberry Curve. I think any of these devices would me a great improvement from that.
    Use Photosynth from Microsoft to take Panorama photos. But I believe Samsung may also have that feature built in to the camera app. You'd have to check.

    Nokia exclusives are worth considering - not gimmicks. Nokia maps and drive are great apps, and they have a lot of great and useful exclusives. That being said, you can find alternatives elsewhere. I guess the question would be, what does she use it for? If it's turn by turn - then yes, a 900 is the way to go. If she just needs basic maps and directions, you can get those with the built in Maps app that all WP7 phones have - or download GMAPS from the Marketplace.

    If my wife asked my opinion on all options, I'd recommend a Focus 2 - durable, good size, easy to use, and takes better pictures than the Lumia 900.
    07-18-2012 02:11 PM
  2. pdangcil's Avatar
    I say upgrade to the Lumia 900 (white). And then I'll trade you my white iPhone 4s if it doesn't work out. I want the Lumia - I have the 4s...
    07-18-2012 04:04 PM
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    The camera on the 900 is absolutely fine unless you're trying to earn some form of prize for photography at night. Not being the best camera does not equal being a bad camera, and I've taken some awesome shots with mine. With that out of the way, my wife and sister-in-law both have 900s and they love them, especially with Zune Pass tacked on. I can guarantee you that they will have no clue when WP8 hits, nor will they magically stop loving their phone and not know why.

    You need to frame your question by way of process of elimination. What's the best device she can get RIGHT NOW that costs a dollar or less, forget WP8 and everything else that's available or coming. What else is out there or is coming means absolutely nothing if she doesn't want to spend money and she doesn't want to wait. Now what would she actually use in WP8/iOS that she would find missing or regret not having? Any specific app? Any specific technical ability like NFC or Siri or something niche that only Apple or Android or WP does?

    You use a WP, you know how enjoyable it is. If she isn't going to even notice all the new ability coming down the pipeline then none of it even counts does it? And lastly, she can always sell whatever she buys now for a profit, and then use that money towards purchasing a new device. If I were you, I'd actually consider buying a used WP off of Craigslist to see how she likes it. You can get some for $100-$150 easy, then do no contract at all. Then when new stuff comes she can sell that device and use that money to put towards a contract phone if she wants.
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    07-19-2012 06:22 PM
  4. MrBurrrns's Avatar
    if shes likes the way it looks and feels..
    if its cheap, if it does every thing she needs

    then id say yes , go for it!!!

    waiting for WP8 will have ZERO benefit for her because she wont want to pay the 100$+ for a WP8 phone if shes really looking for a cheap price.

    well most people dont have a understand cause they dont care. you obviously dont work in cellphones. calling some one stupid for wanting a WP7.5 is just ignorant. your ignorant of assuming every one is like you and want what you want when in reality the people that really do care make up 20% of WP potential and actual users.

    not to mention you dont even use a WP any more and I have no problems with you posting here , but with all do respect calling people fan boys and stupid and giving advice on a OS you dont even use.... :dry why dont you just go to your mobile nation's site and give advice there...
    I am still using WP, thank you. No need to take it personally. Even if I wasn't that does not take away my right to post here.

    It's great that people want to give advice, but please be fair and don't look over the shortcomings of the platform just because you like it. If she goes with WP7 she will never have:

    - a working Skype application (or any IM application for that matter)
    - a notification center (and related to that a reliable push notifications system)
    - proper multitasking
    - any of the WP8 apps and games
    - IE10 (and this means she is stuck with IE9 and that currently means no proper gmail mobile site, broken facebook mobile site etc...)

    and lots of other goodies that will come with WP8. Plus she will be stuck with the ****ty Lumia 900 camera and possibly other issues that the Lumia 900 has (and they ain't a few).

    So please step away from your high throne and let's be real and honest with each other. I love WP and Metro as anybody here (I had two WP7 phones, still have my Focus S) but that is not reason enough to ignore it's faults. Which there are quite a few and if you want to mention the positives you should also mention the negatives. Otherwise you are just biased and that helps nobody.

    PS: Sorry for the late reply, but you know... ;)
    07-24-2012 10:50 AM
  5. jdandison's Avatar
    Really depends on the type of user - for instance, my wife has an HD7 & loves it. I've offered my Focus & 900, but she's happy with what she has. She's not a techie or power user & uses virtually no apps - everything she needs is built-in: Facebook, Zune Pass & mail. I think she downloaded a weather app, that's about it.

    I say this because she couldn't care less about WP8 - her phone does what she wants now and when the time comes that it doesn't we'll get her a new one.

    Have you considered offering the advice of finding a decent phone off-contract on eBay, craigslist, etc & getting a cheaper month-to-month? T-Mobile now offers SIM-only value plans for about $45-50/month, both post-pay & pre-pay with unlimited voice/text & 2GB 4G data & unlimited EDGE data. Straight Talk also has a similar plan & runs on ATT, so you could find a cheap focus/lumia/iphone/etc and use Straight Talk without unlocking.

    The math is easy, really - get a Lumia for $180-$200 on ebay, spend $45/mo on service (vs $100 @ ATT) & recoup the phone cost in a few months. It also means that no contract + cheap rate means upgrading to a different phone before 24 months is an option as well.

    Of course, I don't know the details of your situation, so the initial outlay may not be feasible - but with the cost of phones off-contract going down rapidly (particularly WP7.5 phones - the best offer I got for my near-new Lumia was $225) & multiple SIM-only, no contract plans becoming available at cut rates, it may be a viable option.
    07-28-2012 10:23 AM
  6. rosakk's Avatar
    Lumia 900 is a good choice
    08-01-2012 03:48 AM
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