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    Now with the Tango 8773 being rolled out (almost) universally, I would like to check on people's satisfactory and the bugs that really bug fellow WP users out there. So, to reach Microsoft's ears I think we will make a list, as usual, to avoid the fragmenting posts and thread lying all around. Also, to make people get the hang of things happening around.

    So, please do reply to this thread if you find something that functioning not right, bugging you, or not the way it supposed to be. Because this thread is Tango Bug Thread, please don't include pre-Tango only bugs; bugs that from earlier version but still remain in Tango is also welcomed to be posted here.

    If you are the ones who are rocking 8779 and experiencing bugs, or found Tango 8773 bugs being fixed, you're welcomed to post here also.

    8107 and 8112 is also welcomed. Although, we would mind about the existence of such bug on 8773.

    Please do include your handset and your OS version (may be omitted if it is 8773). Along with your bug (of course :) ). I'm a busy person, but I will try keeping this post up-to-dated with replied bug.

    And, last words, this is my first post, please don't go too hard on me. orz Thank you for your cooperation.

    I will begin to group the bugs as this thread grows.

    • Lumia 710: Bluetooth headsets (A2DP) are experiencing typing sounds when not playing music
    • Omnia 7: Lock screen issue - screen automatically turns on after few seconds of locking.
    • Lumia 710: screen becomes completely unresponsive when plugged in (no Wi-Fi sync)
    07-26-2012 02:55 AM
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    2 tango issues on my mozart: often there's a 1 second lag when i tap the settings tile, and the keyboard pops out after i send a text (it used to stay hidden)
    07-26-2012 03:01 AM
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    During when you type, you are supposed to hear the sound each keystroke you make. However, it is not like that on my Bluetooth: after you type for a while, a quick bunch of those sound comes to my headset, like machine gun series of 6 or 7 those "tob" sounds, and then the headset stays silent (albeit I'm still typing), until the next series of "tob" sounds.

    This only happened when I am on Bluetooth, does not happened when on 3.5m earphones or with the speaker itself. It does not happen when I am playing music through the Bluetooth. It does not happen on my other Lumia 710 which still stay on Mango.

    It is like as if the phone disconnects the Bluetooth for saving batteries, and makes connection each time a sound is made; so the sounds got queued up and fired through Bluetooth many at once. I also notice significant battery life increase on Bluetooth on Tango, although such behaviours are rather annoying. Seems like it doesn't happen during music because the OS makes continuous streaming.

    Do you guys see same behaviours on other phone?
    07-26-2012 06:46 AM

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