03-19-2016 08:44 AM
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  1. pinkarton's Avatar
    I think the reason behind this behavior, if I remember correctly, is for a less confusing experience for new users, who don't necessarily expect an app to close when tapping the back button. It's a little annoying at first, but at least for me, not too hard to get used to.

    And yeah, this will be the default behavior on Windows Phone 8.1.
    I love this new approach.
    07-19-2014 02:30 PM
  2. colinkiama's Avatar
    lol all you have to do is go to the app switcher and 'kill' the app by tapping x on the app or swiping its card down. I like it this way, I really have control over what I'm running and if I accidentally close the app using the back buttoni can just find it in the app switcher.
    Stop Complaing please.
    07-19-2014 02:49 PM
  3. hs k's Avatar
    Is it Facebook beta or for the matter any MS app? Then the problem exists, otherwise for other app I haven't experienced the problem.
    07-19-2014 03:02 PM
  4. switch side method's Avatar
    Wow...this was new to me. But I have to say when I press the back button and then get rid of the app it stays gone for good unless I select it again.
    07-19-2014 03:03 PM
  5. 520's Avatar
    I find it strange -and shows me that this isn't 100% planned- that in my lumia 520 the remote desktop stays in the background but IE not. How rdesktop staying in the background makes friendlier the user experience but completely closing IE doesn't?
    Ebuka Allison likes this.
    08-17-2014 03:09 AM
  6. Ebuka Allison's Avatar
    @520, IE isn't really closed. It just looks it. Also, only 8.1 RT apps fo this, same with Windows. System apps like People, etc and Non RT/Universal apps don't do this
    08-17-2014 03:32 AM
  7. JessHerr's Avatar
    Before, if I wanted an app to stay in the app switcher I simply pressed the windows button and if I wanted to close it I pressed the back arrow button. But now I don't fully close the app until I go to the app switcher and close it (I waste time doing that). So the back arrow and the windows buttons have basically the same function now. For me it's annoying when I want to "quickly" change to another app in the app changer and realize there are still some apps I thought I closed. And that was one of the reasons I hated Android and loved WP
    03-19-2016 08:44 AM
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