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    Greeting WPCentral'ers

    I have a problem that is very nerve racking that I've spent countless time doing research on. I'll keep it clean and simple.

    Some of us are familiar that you can perform text back up (Setting > Applications > Messaging > Text Backup) or something similar to that criteria but once text back up is enabled, once you go to Email + Accounts you'll see that the Microsoft account said "Not up to date" followed by error code 80C805E2. This issue is very unknown and I was wondering if someone has found a fix to this. I'm desperate to fix this issue and even if Daniel or whomever can point this out as well. I know at //build/ Joe Belfiore said they had worked on a better Backup System but it seems as if it's not working properly.

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    06-02-2014 08:46 PM
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    Were you ever able to find a remedy to this? I have encountered this for well over a year and I myself contacted Microsoft support. After 3 conversations, a week of time spent and it being escalated to multiple supervisors, the only remedy they gave me was to use a new Live ID; their reason was because the text backup image file was corrupt and they had no way of deleting it. I am a bit disheartened at this as I have used this ID for all my purchases across all my devices--xbox, asus tab, surface pro, laptop, desktop, work computer, lumia 1020, office 365, xbox music, etc, not to mention it's my master calendar and contacts storage.
    12-03-2014 07:06 PM

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