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    Hi all,

    Just recently I have been a microsoft convert buying into the one Microsoft vision and the "mobile and cloud first" vision. I convinced my wife to get a Lumia 1020 and for the most part she likes it (not quick enough to snap pics of soccer and just general getting use to the new format, but overall she really like it). I love the build of the Nokia lumia line and I am not interested in other models. However, I have been waiting since November of last year to get the next Lumia flagship phone. I can't get over the size of the 1520 and the icon/930 isn't available for AT&T customers. I am almost ready to buy the lumia 830 announced last week since there has been no news of any upcoming nokia releases. My question is should I settle for the 830 or do you guys think there will be a new lumia phone out for the holidays and I should wait? I am mostly a media consumer on the smartphone, I would like the miracast experience, the occasional games for the kids and only take the occasional photo/vid of my kids games. Any thoughts?
    09-08-2014 08:37 AM
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    The 830 is definitely a big improvement on the 82x models, though if you're looking for high-end, you can't beat the Icon/1520. The Icon could be made to work on ATT, though I believe you won't get LTE (I haven't tried this). The Icon is not carrier-locked, and it has GSM radios as a "world" phone, so it can be made to work on the other networks (except Sprint), but there's that likely lack of LTE drawback.
    09-08-2014 10:10 AM

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