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    in simple words i would say it works,thats all
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    11-16-2014 02:05 AM
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    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    This is a loaded question given my tumultuous history with the eco-system. But there are a couple very good reasons. However the reason I started to use WP is different from why I use it today. At the time, I was using a Google Nexus on Verizon Wireless, a decent phone that was running MIUI v4. I thought I was in heaven given how zippy the phone seemed to be. But then the problems started. The back cover wouldn't slip back in; I had an amazingly difficult time transferring music and videos onto it; it was extremely limited in its mere 32GB of storage... these are all problems with the handset, but it's important to note that this was the flagship phone from Google. Although manufactured by Samsung, it was still promoted as the bare-minimum Google phone. Aside from Verizon's crippling of the phone, I realized that a lot of the issues I had with this phone were with Android itself. It would overheat, it would crash, apps would crash, and eventually I switched back to a 3G-only HTC Droid Incredible running Gingerbread.

    And this is where my love-affair with Android ends. Ice Cream Sandwich, while not bad, was the biggest of the end. Jellybean all but killed it, and then my brief stint with the Sony Xperia on KitKat reconfirmed my suspicions: I needed to get a divorce and stay away from this toxic relationship. Around this time, I was also really soured on the Google experience, namely the way they were attempting to record, document, and take over my online life. It got to the point where I replaced the search engine with DuckDuckGo and IxQuick. For when I do need Google-based results, I used Startpage, which pulls in Google from a proxy. I closed my Google Mail accounts, keeping only one around for spam. I downloaded all my files from Drive and removed them. I stopped going to maps.google.com.

    I toyed around with the idea of getting an iPhone, particularly because I already run OSX. But even before I began playing around leaving Google/Android, I needed a phone that would work in Europe. Although Verizon phones are unlocked for GSM use, the Nexus has no SIM slot. AKA, it has absolutely no GSM bands. This resulted in my need for a cheap phone from Amazon. The options were pretty slim, and this was also before Nokia had enough the incredibly affordable Lumia 520. In my research I realized that Windows Phones were a good $100 cheaper than their Android counterparts. If an Android phone was $250, there was a $150 alternative with the same specifications. With that, I bought the LG Quantum C900 running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. This was in 2013, with Windows Phone 8 released but still in a rather embryonic state, and its app market wasn't quite as robust or mature as Windows Phone 7.5. I couldn't use the phone in the US, so I wouldn't be able to test out anything other than syncing and e-mail setup until I got to Europe, but once I landed in Switzerland (and later Germany), this phone was now my daily driver. I put the Nexus in my sidebag and didn't touch it until I landed back in the US.

    The week I spent with the Quantum, in Zrich, Berlin, and Frankfurt, was put through all the tests. Call, camera, text, Viber, navigation, and data. It failed on battery life miserably when needing to use navigation, but I suspect this had to do with the cable I used to charge the phone. Charging via the laptop took a very long time, and I had no European wall charger. Regardless, that's an issue with the phone, as is the camera. That said, I adapted to the Windows Phone dynamic in about five seconds. Windows Phone is easy and requires little to no thought to use; at least, once you get it into your head that it's not Android, and it is not iOS. This rang true when my mother bought her HTC 8X and only asked me about 2 questions before zipping off to mobile bliss and never needing to ask me another question again. Windows Phone had its issues, but the way the menus were laid out just made so much more sense than in Android or iOS, particularly the app drawer and start screen. The design was also a big draw, given how hideous Android can get and how static iOS is. The animations, the look, the feel, the speed. It was all so appealing. I had gotten used to it by the time I landed back in the USA, and while it was nice to have that beautiful screen in the Nexus, it only took one day home before I realized how slow and cluttered and clunky my Android phone truly was.

    One month later, I switched to AT&T (mistake) and bought the Lumia 820. For anybody who recognizes my username or avatar here, it's likely due to the complete meltdown I had last Summer after Windows Phone 8.1, especially after they released it officially with that abysmally embarrassing Xbox Music app. Not to mention the disemployment of the hub paradigm that made me and many others fall in love with Windows Phone. Disappointed and disillusioned, I switched back to Android. It was like dating my ex-boyfriend with whom I have amazing sex, but the chemistry just isn't there in every day life. The camera on the Xperia Z2 is butter, and I got some incredible shots, far better than with the 820. And it's true, the battery life was just as good. It was also nice having more robust versions of apps, like PlanetRomeo and Copy. That said, something just didn't feel right. And I knew we were headed for trouble when the native launcher crashed upon its first boot. I sold the Xperia two months ago and switched back to the 820. Most of the issues have been ironed out with MusicDrop, the 30GB of OneDrive storage, and the new fantastic Video player, not to mention new 3rd party and official apps that have been released since that time. Even just yesterday, the movie editor app was released, and I realize now that when people said I'd come crawling back, they were damn right. Windows Phone and the suite of OneDrive Apps really have matured into fantastic products.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    It's lightweight nature. My issue with Android is that it does not use its powerful resources in an effective manner. This is something that iOS used to do well, but seems to further lose its way with each update. This is a hold-over from the 7.5 days. If you time 7.5, a Lumia 520 running 8.1, a 928, and 1520, they will all respond with the same amount of snap. Multi-tasking is also brilliant. I can open the subway app, check the train times, switch albums really quick, jump into Tumblr (Turtle Blog Viewer), and then take a quick picture in about 20 seconds. This would take about 5 minutes with Android if nothing crashes. Not only that, but these updates aren't killing my battery life. iPhones work best with the Operating System designed exclusively for the handest. The iPhone 4 works like a dream with iOS 6. Just into iOS 7 territory and you're plagued with a slow, buggy handset. This doesn't seem to the best an issue on Windows Phones, regardless of their specs. And because Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and Microsoft know this, they can offer a phone for as long as $50, have a sleeper hit, and still offer an amazing user experience perfect for budget-conscious or younger users. I see a lot more Windows Phones in Germany than in the United States, and a lot of 14, 15 year olds use them. I'm guessing because their parents aren't going to spring for a $500 iPhone for a teenager. I love that versatility and power. I'm planning on selling my 820 and using my 520 as my daily driver because I need cash (broke art school student). But dropping to the 520 means the only thing I'm sacrificing is a slightly better screen and the flash on my camera. Big deal.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I don't use Windows or Xbox. For games, my interest stopped after the PlayStation 2, when game developers decided that graphics and realistic violence were more important that plot and puzzle solving. I need to be able to use my brain if I'm going to sit in front of a screen playing for hours on end. From Pac Man to Tomb Raider to the Legend of Zelda, these games have elements of puzzle, and to win, you can't just run around aimlessly. In terms of Windows, I won't be going back any time soon. I've been a Mac user for years and in college, I made the complete jump and stopped relying on Windows as my safety net when I realized that it wasn't necessary. I use OSX as my daily driver, this because of Adobe Creative Suite and VinylStudio, but my dream machine is my Elementary OS Linux laptop, which has lower specs but runs on clouds. And now that 8.1 offers file managing on device and I integrate with OneDrive, Copy, and MusicDrop, it no longer really matters if I use Windows, OSX, or Linux to sync my device. In terms of Windows as a desktop operating system, I feel that it lightyears behind what I want and need. It's not intuitive, it's not easy, it's not fun to use. The version of Metro they designed for Windows 8 has nothing to do with the beautiful and elegant Metro they designed for Windows Phone 7 - 8.1. I don't understand how they could mess it up that severely, and I do not understand why seem content on crippling themselves. People who use that Windows 8 Metro carry over that negative impression to Windows Phone. Perhaps they could have focused on being more consistent. And because of that, not to mention its just confusing set-up and design, I steer clear of all things Microsoft aside from their online suite and their phones. I even ditched Microsoft Office for LibreOffice for its ridiculous pricing and constant need to run validation checks. The prime example of Microsoft not knowing crap about modern operating systems came when my boss asked me to fix his wife's laptop. Windows Update auto-updated a small file that completely destroyed the computer's ability to properly display graphics, resulting in a blue screen of death roughly every 10 minutes. That's pathetic.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?

    I look forward to seeing that Windows Phone logo next to some more major apps. I also look forward to Windows Phone getting back to that place it was with 7.5 and 7.8. There was a real sense of community, like it was all a secret society with our own methodology. I hope that Microsoft curbs its enthusiasm for copying Android and remembers to remain true to the fanbase that gave them the ability to crush Blackberry.
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    11-16-2014 03:23 AM
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    -Why do you use Windows Phone? | I like the direction Microsoft took with their design language, and the Lumia 520 won me over for it's value.

    -What do you like / love most about Windows Phone? | I like how some of the default apps make use of Modern design, like the excellent Calender app. I love Word Flow.

    -Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox? | Don't own any other Microsoft devices, but my iPad is very well supported by Microsoft apps so it's all been a seamless experience. I still like my iPad for iOS exclusives like Pixelmator and tChess Pro, but owning the Lumia has taken me to a mostly Microsoft software+services experience on all my devices.

    What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone? | I'm watching the built-in apps as they keep improving and building on Modern design. It's frustrating to wait for these improvements, but I'm excited to see what comes out eventually. I think Windows Phone users may have some truly great apps to look forward to.
    11-16-2014 04:55 AM
  4. Warren_2185's Avatar
    - Simple interface
    - No ridiculously complicated menus
    - Easy/Fast to swipe and navigate
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    11-16-2014 08:54 AM
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    Windows Phone was / is my middle ground of choice between :
    - ANDROID - very open, customizable, can be confusing, vulnerable (an exploit waiting to happen)
    - iOS - locked down, restricted, easy to use - though can be confusing, secure, expensive

    I graduated from some of the Nokia unlocked devices (E71, N8) to Windows phone, getting the Lumia 920 soon after launch date. I had a cracked digitizer repair go south, where the shop bought me a new 920. I've since handed that to my wife, who really liked & coveted my phone. She loves it, I got a third party AT&T Lumia 1520 (@ $425 on eBay) and I'm enjoying WinPhone Dev Preview on my Lumia 1520. My wife's phone is stock & she still likes it - it's easy & it works (she's not technically inclined). She moved from an iPhone 3GS & has never looked back.

    I like the overall fluidity of the device, the smoothness of the OS, which would NOT be there if I had a year old Android device. The screen on the Lumia 1520 is stunning & the updates coming thru Dev Preview have kept me interested. I don't miss anything from iOS or Android (daughter has an iPhone, I have an Asus Android tablet) with the possible exception of Clash of Clans (& Nokia Situations from my older Symbian devices). Just an overall good smartphone experience, which (hopefully) gets better with the coming integration into Windows 10. I wish Windows would gain market share (simply to make sure it stays viable) and I'm looking forward to the new releases (with the dawn of Windows 10 for phones).
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    11-16-2014 11:16 AM
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    Why do you use Windows Phone?
    I fell in love with the aesthetics and functionality of Windows Phone's Metro/Modern user interface design language and live tiles. WP is refreshing and the logical design for touch input. Desktop icons are an obsolete element of mouse and keyboard UI (Windows95 / Android / iOS). In addition to the software itself, I fell in love with the design of the Lumia 920 (even though I'm stuck using an ATIV S) and Nokia's superior camera technology.

    I also appreciate that WP is a secure, sandboxed OS, and not open source or "rootable". It is awesome that carriers or OEMs cannot fill WP will non-removable "bloatware".

    What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    The Metro / Modern UI design language, live tiles, facebook integration, and hubs. It is tragic that WP8.1 ruined the beauty of the photos hub and agenda view for the calendar.

    A recent discovery (I never used to play music on my phone), I love how Xbox Music (WP8.0) changes the lockscreen to show the artist photograph. Xbox music has beautiful UI design.

    Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    Yes! I love the Xbox integration with Windows Phone. Seeing my avatar dude, achievements, friends, and being able to send Xbox messages is really cool.

    Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    Windows is the personal computer. The professional level applications which I use are not available for Apple and Linux machines.

    Xbox offers the most ergonomic and ideal controller design, while the console has amazing potential with Microsoft's software team. Just look at how the Xbox 360 evolved over time with software updates. I love Sony, but I don't expect Sony to be able to offer the variety of features and innovations that Xbox can over the lifetime of the device.

    What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    I am excited to see what may come from Pelican Imaging and Microsoft's license agreement with Canon for Liquid Lens technology. The superior camera technology of Nokia / Microsoft / Windows Phone is of the up-most importance to me.
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    11-16-2014 12:55 PM
  7. Christopher DeWitt's Avatar
    Why do you use what you use??? I'm a Microsoft fan all the way...
    11-16-2014 12:56 PM
  8. Josip Zeljko's Avatar
    First, my background: I owned 3 smartphones before switching to WP (Sony Ericsson P1i - Symbian UIQ3 and 2 flagship androids - HTC Desire and LG Optimus 3D).

    First and foremost - I love windows phones because of timely updates. You can buy a low end phone (I own an HTC 8S) and still be sure that you will receive at least a couple of major updates in a timely fashion. Since I'm a guy obssesed with the latest tech I like my phones to be updated to the latest version available. Kudos to Microsoft for that.

    The other one is Modern UI. While I think that the UI definitely needs a lot of improvements, I still consider live tiles to be the biggest UI advancement ever since the original iPhone was released.

    And finally - fluidity of the OS. I don't like lag, and I don't have enough money to afford a lag free android or an iOS phone (in other words upper midrange and flagship phones). WP offers fluidity even on the cheapest phones.
    11-16-2014 01:47 PM
  9. EMINENT 1's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    I left the Apple bandcamp with the i4 when the 900 came out. I was an avid customizer and created themes and loved jailbreaking the phone for added capabilites to alter the home screen to how I liked it. The discovery of an underlying os with a black background drew me in. I hated the white backgrounds and static icons. Still despise them to this day and the reason I will never ever own another Apple device as long as they keep that standard, the high price, and the stigma of Apple stuck up snobbery. Their lack of vision, as with Androids in not having ONE underlying os and universal apps that span across pc/phone/tablet, is a non starter for me. No matter the apps and features they've introduced lately, the one thing still remains in that I cannot run x86 apps on Chrome OS. Android is unfortunately limited in that regard no matter their overlap into Chrome. Apple is further away from this. Neither of them offer the flexibility my Surface Pro 3.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    I like the minimal style and live tiles, the ability to sync themes, the idea of universal apps. The Pureview cameras and HAAC microphones. With WP I can have a colored theme already available without tinkering, along with the ability to have transparent tiles now.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    Absolutely. Wish it was more and looking forward to further unification.

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I use it because of the promise of unification and parity between all my devices.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    I was one of the first to get and use one of the best Android tablets back then, the first gen. Asus Transformer. It was nice, but I got tired of trying new roms and trying to get it to speed up, trying to get it to quit being laggy, trying to get it to play Flash correctly. It was the best time in my life when I discovered Microsoft was on this path to unification and the start with Windows 8 and the development of the Surface Pro. With baked in Adobe Flash, the idea of universal apps, ease of sync between devices, I quickly adopted it and have stood by the progression with each iteration to date. No other OS has this vision and MS is by far the closest one to having it done right.
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    11-16-2014 03:30 PM
  10. Nicholas Maguire's Avatar
    I love Windows Phone because it's simple, and has one of the greatest UI's I've ever seen. I love live tiles, they're absolutely stunning.
    I love the integration with Windows and Xbox. Something about getting Xbox achievements from my games is just awesome. Something about having Xbox Music and Video on my PC, phone, and Xbox is just plain awesome. I use Windows on my PC because it's the most mature and well supported operating systems, plus, I just really love it. I use Windows Phone because it syncs well with that, and because I love having "Windows" on my PC and phone. I am excited for Windows Phone to unite even more with Windows and become one amazing experience.
    11-16-2014 03:47 PM
  11. Tim Stone's Avatar
    I've been using "cell phones" since the original Panasonic that I had to carry in a backpack. I've used a wide variety of phones over the years, but my Lumia Icon is the best I've ever owned. The only downside is there are about 3 apps I really could use on my phone and the companies are only releasing them for iPhone or Droid ( and there are no competitors ). Otherwise, I'm covered 100%.

    I love the interface. It is clean, simple and very easy to group similar apps. I also love the ability to pin things to the start screen on a temporary basis ( like OneNote pages with a shopping list ).

    Perhaps the one feature that stands out more than anything is the integration as shown by the People hub. First, it is far easier to view and find the information I'm seeking on a contact than either of the competing systems. However, when I show people what a simple "swipe" on a contact record reveals, they are astounded. I don't see that anywhere.

    I don't do games or watch videos on my phone, but I certainly use it for quick photos. The Icon pictures astound people, and that is without the use of any of the available photo apps.

    Everyone in my extended family uses an iPhone, and many of my friends are confused by Droids. Thus, I'm quite aware of the capabilities, and I am totally satisfied with my device.

    The only thing I don't like is the attitude of Verizon. I can't change carriers because the others cannot give me reliable service in this location. Verizon is arrogant now, and are actually trying to divert people away from the Windows phone. I realize the pressures that take place in this industry, so I know Microsoft doesn't have a lot of say in the matter. I would love to see Microsoft totally bypass Verizon, and let the carrier decide if they simply don't want the clients anymore. Since they don't really sell the phones, it would make sense for them to have a "services only" agreement with those of us who use the device, and leave everything else between us and the phone resellers who want to carry it. Since subsidized phones are being phased out anyway, this might become a potential reality.
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    11-16-2014 08:12 PM
  12. anon(9152079)'s Avatar
    Why do you use Windows Phone?
    Because of Nokia. The old Nokia were the best, they were easy to access anything. The Motorolas and Samsungs were just horrible. But Windows Phone also attracted me, I liked the look of it and since diamonds are cheaper than an iPhone and every Android phone I used looked ugly, sluggish and is operated by Google.

    What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    Design, the OS looks modern and is pleasing to look at. If we include Nokia here the design applies again, Nokia has always created beautiful phones even on the time of the "dumb-phones" and to me most Lumia are sexy, no Galaxy is that beautiful.
    It's also fast, specially transitions. I find transitions to be an important feature to improve the visual and look of any system as long as it doesn't get on my way slowing me. That's something I always hated both in Mac and Linux, their transitions take forever. Alt+Tab? A stupid 500ms transition. Minimize? 1s to finally get out. Maximize? ZZZzzzzz... I saw someone requesting that Alt+Tab had a transition in Windows, dude, Alt+Tab was created for fast switch. At least many distros have improved a lot in this.

    Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    I don't have a Xbox but the integration with Windows is ok, could be more integrated. With Nokia Suite I could send/read messages and send/receive calls without the need to touch my phone. Windows 8 already has a notification system, the phone could use it to show that I received messages/calls or any other update.

    Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    It's not insanely expensive as a Mac. And Windows has ease of access, I already told about transitions so let's say that I have and use Linux but I can't get used to it even after installing it already customised. I also like how easy it is to find any piece of software for Windows for any solution. I'm a PC gamer too so Windows is mandatory for me.

    What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    That Microsoft is listening more to its customers but always keeping a standard of their own and that they've been improving Windows performance, Win8 seems faster than Win7 that seems faster than WinXP. I'm yet to see Win10 for phones, but Win8 GDR1 is already a good improvement.
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    11-16-2014 09:16 PM
  13. Alfa Kapa's Avatar
    This are the reasons why I use/love windows phone :

    First of all I have a Lumia 630 that cost me 110 euro, that is my first windows phone, I never liked windows phone because i thought that it is a premature software. I made the change from Android because I was tired of the complexity and lagginess of the OS, also no matter what I did with Android, I still can't make my tasks simple..So I thought it was time for a radical change and boy I was right!

    As a person not deeply invested in social media, you see I only use viber, I don't have any problem with the apps, I have what I want and then some.
    I really love TubeCast, converge, levitagram and many good written 3rd party applications, but what I love most is how straight-forward the native apps are.That's it, if you want a perfectly functioning phone, you can pick you phone, throw a Sim in it and be happy!

    Great integration with Windows 8.1 , I was shocked the first moment that I have made an appointment on my WP calender and the notification popped right at my computer screen! or I can see my the exact same teams on the pc through the Sports app!

    Clean,fast,consistent. I looove how easy to use WP is! And no matter what to do you can't bug it down! You see, on Android you have to constantly close the applications you don't use and use Task killer to close the apps running on background. On WP you are worry free of that Sh*t.
    Because that is what I want in my pocket, A PHONE, not a freaking computer!
    My friends Galaxy S3 after 1 year of ownership, has huuge signs of lag.. Trying to go from an app to your homescreen is taking 2-3 seconds without any other app running.The fact that you have to root it, take samsung's bloatware out, constantly trying to keep it clean so that it runs with LESS lag, makes the whole concept of the phone geeky and time consummating.
    While I was an Android user, I was constantly going back to future-phones and always admiring the fast response that they had!

    Battery life, optimization having to charge your device 1 time per 2 days is pretty awesome. Yesterday I suck the life out of my phone from 8 in the morning through 7 in the evening with, you know, the casual stuff (many hours music,more hours radio,1 hour gaming,2 hours web surfing) my battery life at 19:00 was 51%..So after the night's bed-TubeCasting (that's a new word), I end up with 46%.
    My point is that I am worrying-free about battery life.If I have to leave my house with 30% charge, I won't feel the need for charging it for the rest of my day, or peaking on battery percentage for a reminder of my battery life.To tell you the truth, I only open The battery app thingy, so I can feel good about the consumption, or better lack of it, of my device!

    Last thing I want to talk about, MY start screen. I USED CAPS LOCK for a reason..Because it is mine, that's how I want it, how I like it, how I need it.
    It is unique to my preferences and I have EVERYTHING I want there on a single unscrollable page!
    I hopefully put an image bellow of my home screen :

    I have many many reasons why I love WP but that were the major ones for me!
    11-16-2014 11:58 PM
  14. DennyTrend's Avatar
    Only For Nokia ( Now Microsoft)
    11-17-2014 12:22 AM
  15. D M C's Avatar
    The only reason I like WP is updates.

    Specially Developers Preview.(thanks to this we don't have to wait )

    Updates keep OS interesting because something always going on/changing/improving.
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    11-17-2014 01:12 AM
  16. s2mikey's Avatar
    - Simple interface
    - No ridiculously complicated menus
    - Easy/Fast to swipe and navigate
    Yes. These reasons I agree with. I also like how I was able to get a high quality phone with a good carrier without spending a ton of money or signing my life away via a contract. The windows phone interface is so smooth and slick. I tried a few cheaper android devices and they are junk. Plus, android itself is obnoxious, IMO.

    As for the future, I'm just hoping windows phone keeps chugging along adding new features and trying to get more market share!
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    11-17-2014 05:13 AM
  17. Haigs's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?

    Because it just works..no lags, crashes,restarts, roots etc.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?

    The Live Tiles.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?

    Which integration??

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?

    Is there a viable 2nd option? I dont think so.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?

    That we will be able (?) to get firmware updates through Developer Preview!
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    11-17-2014 05:35 AM
  18. Roger Deep's Avatar
    I use Windows Phone Lumias smartphones because of Nokia quality with an also amazing OS. Light and fast. Has everything I need.

    I have two Lumias now, 620 and 830.

    The 620, has low specs but I use it almost for 2 years now. Still works very well, has updates, there are only a few apps with problems for the 512mb ram devices, but almost any other works. Had used it in the sun, hot, cold, but mostly on MTB where you have the bad weather for a phone: rain and humidity.

    It worked almost every time but my Galaxy S also had problems with pouring rain and high humidity. It takes nice pictures and has all software I need. So I dropped my Galaxy S almost as I got the 620.

    A few weeks ago, I bought the 830. And this is just wow. When you have the 3.8" 620 and then you buy a 5" Lumia... just wow. Super amazing camera with an amazing screen.... running WP 8.1.

    I find it much better than almost any Android device, for the exception of Nexus devices. Nexus and Lumia don't have bloatware that breaks the experience and soon you will replace it for a new one. I had that problem with my Galaxy S I and soon as the warranty ended, CyanagenMod was running on my Galaxy. Tired of no updates and bad software, from Vodafone and Samsung. The GS I still works very well today and my soon is the one using it.

    Lumias are beautiful devices, exclusive, and have the quality that I wanted. WP8.1 just enhances it even more, because I love the tile OS and it is so easy to use and configure. I have there my 3 email accounts and I will add a few Gmail too soon.

    And I have been recording videos of my son handball games and training and they are just amazing. The 10MP camera is wow. But all other little Lumia details, from software and hardware, made them my choice.

    I would use a Nexus if I had to, but no way I would use Apple products, too insecure, very very very expensive for what you get and very limited by free software. Android is 1000x times better.

    But when you can have a Lumia, why WHY use Android?
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    11-17-2014 03:32 PM
  19. Mellifluous's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    Out of the three main smartphone platforms, it's by far the one which suits me best. Windows Phone is nice and fast and gives quick access to what I want to do, see, hear and write.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    I like its speed, ease of use, logical and intuitive interface, functionality and simple beauty.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    I like its integration with Windows but feel it doesn't go far enough.

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I use Windows because it offers all the tools I need to work and play.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    I am excited about how much closer the platforms can integrate with each other and I am excited because I am here for the ride.
    11-18-2014 08:10 AM
  20. anon8957882's Avatar
    First reason - Nokia.
    Second - Windows Phone 8

    Nokia 920, I think is the best design they have till date which I own. The size is right. A little heavy but its ok. I am used to it now. The camera is good. At the time it was the first Nokia Windows Phone device in my country and needed one smartphone badly so preordered it.

    Other than that, of the three major platforms, I found Windows Phone had a much better interface. Android was out of question because before Lollipop their design was like excrement. I do not like Apple either. But if i had to buy a phone now for that much amount of money that 920 cost me, I would prefer an iOS 8 or Android 5 device for obvios reasons. I feel Microsoft is losing focus.
    11-18-2014 08:42 AM
  21. Piyush Raja's Avatar
    I prefer Windows Phone over Android or iOS simply because I've always felt like Android/iOS is like that girlfriend everybody WANTS. But Windows Phone is like the wife that every man NEEDS

    - Looks better a lot of times, has A LOT of customizations. The sky is the limit on how good you can make it look
    - Android phones are far too many on the market. I know a lot of people like this, but I, for one, do not like that mad amount of choice
    - Android will let you down. Sooner or later, it will let you down. It will freeze when you need it to work the most. After a while, its going to need a refresh every few weeks to work the way it worked when you first start using it. One may mention some high-end Android phone saying it doesn't behave this way. But out of the hundreds of Android powered handsets, how many are capable of giving you a seamless experience?

    - Personally, the iPhone is way too expensive. No denying its a great phone, off-contract, I do not think its worth all that money. Its great to show off, though. Like a trophy
    - There's just 1 of it every many-months, and its too expensive O_O

    Windows Phone
    - WP is stable. In my experience, its really solid. Its going to be there for you when you really need it. You can count on WP to run the way you want it to, when you want it to as long as its running
    - Its not the prettiest piece of software out there, but its got its own style and I, personally, think its really beautiful. I'd pick the WP style and design anyday. I do look at iOS sometimes and think, "hey, that looks quite nice" . But I always want to come back to the WP tiles and the Metro design
    - It supports your creative side with the way it deals with photos and the suite of apps available to process them
    - It supports your professional side with out of the box support for spreadsheets, presentations and documents, and OneDrive to have them all on the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere
    - The hardware you have may not be top-notch. Maybe you have low ram and a weak processor. But with WP, you have the same experience you get with any high-end phone
    - Its lively [excuse the pun]. Every time you look at a screen powered by WP, it interacts with you. You don't even have to do anything. Just look at the screen and its talking to you. Telling you what's up with the things you care about
    - Even though its so great, it doesn't always allow you to do the things you want to do or like to do [I'm referring to the restrictions in the APIs and the "App-gap"]

    So, Androids are a dime a dozen and very likely bails on you. iOS is the one out of your league and even if you get one, you realize its not THAT great. But WP is the one that will make your life easier. It is the one you can depend on. WP is THE one for me
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    11-19-2014 06:20 AM
  22. Burningflame's Avatar
    I use Windows Phone because I remain optimistic about the potential in the OS. I recall the early previews of the concept of the Live Tile and how it blew my mind. Then Nokia came in and devoted themselves to making unique and desirable hardware that sealed the deal for me. In the face of the push of Apple and Google I fell in love with MS's offering.

    I love the Live Tile. I think it needs an evolutionary leap forward like the other mobile OS have done, though it has inspired major changes in mobile OS design. I love the design language of WP and its focus on functional digital design. The promise of industry-leading integration has been there since WP7, execution needs to live up to that.

    I don't use an Xbox but I feel it's a work in progress - the synergy.

    I use Windows because of familiarity and accessibility. I have come to respect the strengths of other platforms but feel Windows has not always lived up to its full potential. I love Microsoft and really wish they could attain the complete and intuitive synergy of ask they have to offer. Looking forward to the efforts of their Research and other divisions being integrated into a flowing, wholesome whole. Cortana is something I plan to use well once it is available to me.

    My thoughts on the future? That Microsoft again defines not just the possibilities (Zune, Live tiles/Modern, digital personal assistants) but actually builds the best user interface of a mobile/cloud world. That powerful design. security and intuitive use remain the cornerstones of the mobile offerings. That Microsoft's Phone OS becomes the most productive mobile device on the planet - without any hobbling or second-tier development status.

    I think the opportunity exists for Microsoft to take the lead again and to surpass their current level, in everything they produce. They need to commit themselves to bringing out the best solutions in the Market, and engage ever more with their users and the larger market, and never be complacent even when they win. Which they will.
    11-28-2014 02:14 PM
  23. grant.palin's Avatar
    Why do you use Windows Phone?
    I've been a BlackBerry user for several years. Have had a Z10 since shortly after it launched in Canada. While I like the BB10 platform, I wanted to get some experience with Windows Phone, so I picked up a Lumia 520 on sale to try as a daily device for a while. After a while, I feel reluctant to go back to the Z10. In a big way because of the common experience and ecosystem across the Windows devices.

    n.b. I have no significant experience with the other mobile platforms

    What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    • The integration with Microsoft's other tools e.g. Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, etc
    • The simple-enough tile interface
    • Ease of customization, at least of the home screen

    Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    • Can't speak to XBox, as I don't have one
    • I use Windows 8.1 on a non-touch laptop and the Surface Pro 1
    • Synchronization via OneDrive and Outlook (calendar, mail, contacts) is a timesaver

    Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I've always used Windows. It works for me. I have dabbled with various Linux distros, but always go back to Windows.

    What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    • The upcoming/rumored unification of operating systems
    • Universal apps
    • The common ecosystem
    11-29-2014 02:44 PM
  24. MicrosoftRulesAll's Avatar
    I like standing out from the iOS crowd.
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    11-29-2014 03:05 PM
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