1. Scott Leonard's Avatar
    My CD collection is ripped in WMA lossless. This produces high quality but very large file sizes. Great on a home network media server but not for a phone with much more limited space. My previous phone (7.x) used Zune for syncing and while I didn't care for Zune itself it did allow me to compress the files to a lower bitrate and get smaller file sizes. WP 8.1 now uses the Windows Phone app for desktop to sync music but doesn't seem to have any resize options for music. It is basically just a straight file copy to the phone. (Strangely it does have options for resizing pictures but not for music!) Anyway, is there any other program that I can use to sync music to my phone that allows resizing? Windows Media Player has this feature but does not recognize the phone as a device it can sync to.
    11-27-2014 06:57 PM
  2. Kevin Rush's Avatar
    You didn't care for Zune, but you found it useful. Good, good, great thinking.
    11-27-2014 07:58 PM
  3. Scott Leonard's Avatar
    You didn't care for Zune, but you found it useful. Good, good, great thinking.
    11-27-2014 08:34 PM
  4. Scott Leonard's Avatar
    Does anybody sync their music to their phone? How well does it work for you?

    I really want to know how to compress music on the fly when syncing to the phone. Lossless files are way to big for even a 128G SDXC card.
    11-29-2014 11:54 AM
  5. badcat's Avatar
    I just drag and drop them to the phone. But I don't need to compress my files as you do. Although I seem to remember Windows Media Player offering to down convert my files prior to syncing. Have you tried Windows Media Player yet?
    11-29-2014 12:50 PM
  6. Scott Leonard's Avatar
    I have tried it and would much rather use it but WMP does not recognize Windows Phones. Big step backward from Windows Mobile.
    11-29-2014 01:43 PM
  7. badcat's Avatar
    That's strange because it recognized both my Lumias and I was able to sync to both. I had a few issues with it and just settled for drag and drop.
    11-29-2014 02:56 PM
  8. Scott Leonard's Avatar
    Success! First I tried reinstalling the drivers per another post here and that didn't work so I just uninstalled the "Windows Phone app for Desktop", rebooted and then Windows Media Player recognized the phone as a media device. I Synced a few albums and tested. Sounds great in the car over BT and the file sizes on the phone (128 kb/s) are 1/10th of the lossless originals.

    I'm now a happy camper and busy syncing my favorite music to my phone.
    11-29-2014 04:58 PM
  9. badcat's Avatar
    That's good to hear. Glad you got it working.
    12-07-2014 05:18 AM

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