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    So... English is not my first language, so please forgive my mistakes.
    I was going to buy a new battery for my Lumia because mine was lasting only ~4 hours, so I couldn't leave home without a charger, then I noticed that if I turn off the Data connection and use just Wi-Fi my Lumia' battery performance increases drastically [from ~4 to ~12].
    I've been using Wi-Fi for 3 days, without turning it off and I can spend the whole day without charging my phone.
    Do you have this same problem?
    Why is there this big difference between Wi-Fi and Data connection?
    11-29-2014 08:10 AM
  2. EspHack's Avatar
    first, cellular connections draw a lot more energy than wifi ones, and considering wifi signals are always coming from a router less than 50 feet away from you, your phone has a really easy time connecting to it, cellular on the other hand... is a few miles away from you most of the time and also there is a lot of buildings blocking the way and other signals interfering with it, so your phone has to work really hard to keep connected, that's one of the most power consuming activities on a phone, sometimes it is not that bad, for example if you are driving or walking on the streets its very likely you've got a good signal, just so you know, if you are inside a building and check your phone's signal and it barely has a little bar with 3G-4G data on, you will feel how hot it is, and it is going to kill your battery within hours

    you can try using 2G, its battery consumption is on par with wifi on most phones and its signal is often more widespread, but its only useful for chats, the last solution would be to switch your carrier, try the one with the best 3G coverage, that's exactly what I did, with my previous carrier on 3G when I went to sleep with my phone idling in 3G struggling to keep a signal bar, when I woke up every morning it was completely dead, 0% battery, now with my new carrier it gets from almost 100% to 60% at the worst, sometimes 80-90%

    I hope you find my answer useful, btw if your main language is Spanish, you can PM me
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    11-29-2014 10:50 AM

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