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    So today I decided to get rid of the old WP 8.1.1 installation because the music collection was seriously f****d up after Microsoft somehow decided to send the playlists through its very own mixers.

    I hard reset my phone. I guess a grave mistake was that I opted for reinstalling a back up from the cloud.
    Now I have the following issues:
    1. the hard reset took 10 hours probably because I had left a 32gb card in the phone.
    2. the phone is no longer recognised by my computer (PC Win 8.1).
    3. the music app has immediately started to sync confusing empty playlists again. When I delete them manually on my phone it starts to sync them yet again. I hope I can control this by switching off the online options but the stupid genres persist.

    So I wonder if I have to do yet another hard reset and how I can get my pc to recognise my phone. I have installed the Windows Phone Desktop Tool as I was unable to locate any drivers...
    01-25-2015 07:48 PM

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