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  1. alinauman97's Avatar
    Hello Windows Central!

    I'm facing an issue on my phone. Its a Nokia Lumia 520 running Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim firmware. I currently have Cortana and location services disabled and thus, I use Bing Search. What happens is that the Search app opens up by itself with a Cortana-like interface and begins "listening". It keeps reopening even if I close it from the task switcher. To get rid of it, I've restarted my phone every time this has happened (thrice till now). Anyone knows what causes this and what's the solution? I haven't tried a soft or hard reset yet, and I'm unwilling to try the latter, as I've done that multiple times in the past few weeks, rolling back from the Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.

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    05-28-2015 06:17 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    You activate the "listening" if you tap and hold the search button.
    So only tap the search button but do not hold it.

    Use Speech on my Windows Phone 8.1 | Windows Phone How-to (United States)
    05-28-2015 08:20 AM
  3. realwarder's Avatar
    Odd. Typically holding down the Search button will bring up a UI like this so I'd say the button thinks it's being pressed and held. Perhaps hardware issue or something touching it?

    While I doubt it's software, I have had the weirdest bug on a 635 before where the power button stopped working correctly. A hard reset fixed that so if no obvious button issues exist, that is the next logical diagnostic step.
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    05-28-2015 08:23 AM
  4. alinauman97's Avatar
    I know, but neither I nor has anything else been touching the button. Could be a hardware or software issue maybe.
    05-28-2015 09:27 AM

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