1. eggdrop's Avatar
    So I just got my 920 and I am trying to put music on it. I am hitting a wall because everything I put in is getting out of whack. I did not have any of these issues with Zune but now with Xbox Music on my Win8 pc things have gotten all screwy. My albums keep getting separated into more than one icon. I am very anal on these types of things and cannot deal with it. I tried iTunes to get all the info in order with Album Artist but I am still running into the same issue. I really need to find a solution as I use my phone to demonstrate headphones at work. Any solutions??
    12-13-2012 09:05 AM
  2. dsirico's Avatar
    Are you using the Music app or WMP? I scrapped the Music app on W8 (PC) and just use Media Player like it was iTunes. I had a ton of organized music in the iTunes folder (inside My Music in Windows 7) but when I upgraded to Windows 8 the Music app didn't show it. Somehow I managed to get the music to show but I couldn't synch it to my WP8 phone it was like the phone wasn't recognizing the Music app. So I went back to Media Player, searched the My Music folder and all my music came in to the WMP screen. I was then able to create and synch playlists, etc. to my phone.

    But I could not get the actual tiled Music app to work right. Even when I got the music to show up it was a massive list, very few sorting options from what I saw and I didn't like the look of it one bit. Not something I think I can get used to either, seemed very Fisher Price compared to say iTunes. WMP is fine though.

    As an aside, the music app on WP8 is great except whenever I leave the app or the phone goes to sleep and I go back it always kicks me to the app's splash screen. it would be nice if it remembered where I was. Sounds silly but I am constantly handpicking my music and scrolling and always in and out of that app. I noticed that about a few apps on this phone, it doesn't always remember where I was, it seems like with my old iPhone it always remembered my last place in everything.
    12-13-2012 01:21 PM
  3. Quin 2013's Avatar
    This is something I've been searching for an answer for a couple of days now, hopefully ms figures out that getting rid of Zune is a huge mistake.

    They need to rebrand it, change the name for all I care, but make it work for my brand new 920, and make it snappy.
    12-14-2012 01:10 AM

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