1. ammarmalik2011's Avatar
    Yes, a notification center is needed, but along with it we need more control over the current notifications. Right now the control is ZERO. It's either 'turn on notifications' or just turn them off. Take two apps as example: IM+ and the new Twitter app.
    Both these apps will give you a 1) toast 2) live tile counter 3) sound.
    I want to be able to control that. I don't want sounds over a Twitter notification, maybe I don't even want a toast? What if I just want the live tile counter? What if I only want the toast? I don't know if it's the OS limitation but I've not seen any app that gives this kind of control. They are able to control sound effects within the app, but when it's closed the app is at the OS's mercy.
    02-27-2013 03:02 AM
  2. ballanda's Avatar
    Agreed! I would love to be able to have my phone ring for phone calls and texts, but VIBRATE-ONLY for emails. Currently can't be done. Seems simple enough to implement. I don't need my phone beeping every 5 minutes (I get a lot of emails), so I have to select a silent email ringtone, then turn on my screen to check all the time. Vibrate-only for emails would be huge!
    02-27-2013 11:54 AM

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