1. elfallous's Avatar

    My friend -using now Lumia 925 and Lumia 920 before - has a Blutooth kit "Parrot MINIKIT-Neo".
    the Parrot device is connected fine with no problem to the Lumia, he can play music or videos on it with no problem.
    he can also dial from phone for the first time with no problem, but after this first call, no more calls are possible throws the parrot device , the device is still connected to the phone, we can see the bluthoot icons as choise for calls but we hear nothing and the remote part also .

    i searched on the forums of parrot but found no post related to Lumias for this new Kit.

    NB : i activated the advanced bluthoot option to mention that the bluthoot device will be used for calls .

    All the devices have Blue Update

    02-14-2014 09:39 AM
  2. Boris Gaiur's Avatar
    The same problem I have with my Lumia925 and Parrot miniKit.
    100% true and the same issue.
    If I want to have second call i MUST switch On and Off my Parrot or disable-enable BT on Lumia.
    It is amazing.
    Please help.

    p.s. I tried to connect my Parrot miniKit with Google Nexus, Samsung (3 diff models) - no problem at all.

    04-01-2014 08:18 AM
  3. luksawi's Avatar
    I have the same problem.
    It's very funny thing, that so big company as Parrot, dont want to solve it :/

    I bought Jabra (who is terrible) but unless works fine
    04-17-2014 09:05 AM
  4. Boris Gaiur's Avatar
    I installed Windows Phone 8.1. Problem disappeared. Lumia925 and Parrot MiniKit are friends from now :)
    04-19-2014 03:16 PM

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