1. DevaVictrix's Avatar
    I own a Lumia 925.

    Am I being silly or is it not possible to download documents from the Onedrive app? I just cant seem to find the option. I have uploaded a bunch of podcasts to listen to at work (no 3g.. nor willing to use up my data) so want to download them onto my phone but I cant find the download button.

    Also, in the Music and Videos app... can you not fast forward through an .mp3? ie, I listened to the first 30mins of a 1hr program, took a call and now I only seem to be able to start from the beginning again!

    Surely its possible to perform these two tasks!?
    03-25-2014 12:32 PM
  2. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    Welcome to wpcentral forums :)
    You can not download .mp3 or podcast from onedrive as of now , use the store to download your fav podcast
    Sadly no , you can not scrub songs , only method is to hold the fast forward button ;(
    Windows phone 8.1 is right in the corner , so this might bring lot of improvements and enchantments :)
    03-25-2014 12:42 PM
  3. DevaVictrix's Avatar
    Ahhh, brilliant... I didn't know you could hold the forward button. That's good enough for me! So that problem solved! Thank you.

    As for downloading the podcast. I download my podcasts using my Windows 8 laptop directly from the BBC website so its easy to upload to Onedrive. Its only after uploading a few days worth of listening I realised id have to plug my phone into the laptop and transfer that way.

    I've only just waved goodbye to Google/Android (more specifically cyanogenmod, which is actually excellent) forever so WP8 is still fresh and clean to me. I am looking forward to Windows Phone 8.1

    My only gripe with Microsoft is that you need a Windows 8 64bit system to create apps. So, so silly to only make Windows Phone SDK 8.0 64bit only. It might be the death of our amazing PC/Phone combo.
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    03-25-2014 02:34 PM
  4. DevaVictrix's Avatar
    I forgot to say!

    Thank you for your reply. Its honestly restored a confidence drop in my change from Android to WP.
    03-25-2014 02:35 PM

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