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    Windows Phone 8X by HTC Overview - HTC Smartphones

    HTC's website now lists the 8X as having Bluetooth version 3.1. When it was first announced the official specs said it was version 2.1, which didn't make sense to me and I thought was a typo.

    Anyway, this can only be good news. Now, do I hear 4.0? :)

    Edit: looking at WPC's story from a while ago. Unless I'm misreading, it looks like the 8X was Bluetooth certified for version 4.0. Hmmm...not sure why that article made no mention of that fact when they made such a big deal about the 920 getting certified for 4.0. Updated the thread title to reflect this.

    HTC Windows Phone passes Bluetooth Certification, destined for Verizon with LTE | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews
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    10-26-2012 02:46 PM
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    4.0 would be awesome, but 3.1 has got to be way better than 2.1 in my Trophy. Streaming music via bluetooth with my Trophy can be a headache sometimes.
    10-26-2012 08:24 PM
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    What's the difference between Bluetooth numbers?
    10-28-2012 11:18 AM
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    Well for starters... when I press play or next track on my trophy with 2.1... 5 seconds (and I mean exactly 5 Mississippi's) it will respond!
    10-28-2012 12:05 PM
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    I have no idea what that means. I though Bluetooth was only for wireless headsets and file transferring.
    10-28-2012 12:37 PM
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    oh im talking sbout streaming music from my phone to my car audio with Bluetooth. theres like a 5 second delay
    10-28-2012 12:44 PM
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    What's the difference between Bluetooth numbers?
    The main difference between BT versions is speed, but newer versions have other features too:

    Bluetooth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    10-28-2012 11:50 PM
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    What's the difference between Bluetooth numbers?
    Bluetooth 4 is supposed to be more efficient with regards to battery life than previous versions.
    10-31-2012 11:57 AM
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    Just confirmed with HTC Live Chat that it is 3.1 present.
    11-06-2012 06:27 AM