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    I'm all about windows phone but I have a really frustrating problem that makes no sense and searches have solutions that don't work.

    I am adding audiobook files to my 920. First time I added them I didn't have enough info so a few books got mixed up. Then deleted and was good. Finally got info and book I wanted. Problem was every file was duplicated. Checked windows folder and only one file showed up. Not a huge deal, just had to fast forward every other chapter.

    Now I added a book and the chapters are out of order, despite the fact that they are numbered. Can't change order either. Trying to delete but can not delete. Windows phone sync app lists file size as 0.00 kb and files will not play in phone, but they still show up and then create error when they try to play.

    Why can't I delete my files?

    How come whenever I add files it duplicates everything (I have now unchecked all options in the music app, no xbox music sync, cloud sync, etc)

    Why are the files out of order and why can I not sort them?

    For such a simple task, this has been absurdly frustrating.
    03-10-2013 07:30 PM

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