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    Good day, I've got my white Lumia 820 about 3 weeks ago, everything is fine until yesterday when I realized that there is no ringtone when a call/email/notification pops up. I have my volume up to 30 and my "profile" at the top right is under "ring+vibrate" so I'm pretty sure the problem is not due to me accidentally silencing the phone.
    I tried streaming YouTube videos and again there is no sound. However during phone calls, I am able to hear the other party pretty well.
    I've plugged in a headset and the sound do come out normally through the headset. (Whether its a YouTube video or notification tunes)
    I'm not sure but are there 2 speakers in 820? I think one of them-the loud speaker, is busted.
    Edit: I've tried the loudspeaker option during calls and there is no sound, surely this is a hardware problem? That sucks though, I've taken very good care of my phone, no drops and neither has it ever come into contact with water.
    05-15-2013 10:45 AM

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