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    Pretty thorough and unbiased review seems like their pretty evenly matched outside of the app stores/eco system and the gimmicks (imo) like the hand gestures and eye scrolling crap performance wise they seem equal from this review for anyone struggling with the decision between these 2 phones I seen a lot of posts here wondering which phone to get hopefully this video will help

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    05-30-2013 08:39 AM
  2. pma's Avatar
    Parts of this review seemed to dismiss WP/Lumia capabilities & features, or just plain skip over them, but then going into some detail with the S4. Seems to me that the S4 is basically like all other Galaxies (tired design, flimsy case) with a few new gimmicks. I'll bet that those floating hand gestures and eye scrolling will prove to be a hindrance. And the IR blaster? Give me a break. I can't see myself ever wanting to use that feature. The only new S4 feature that seems pretty cool to me is the Eraser photo setting.

    I've been on the Galaxy Nexus since its debut, have enjoyed it a lot as my first smartphone, but have grown weary of the design. I like the pure Android experience and have done a lot of ROM swapping and customization, always wiping the system clean before each flash. But the OS definitely has a lag that develops no matter what. Now I'm waiting for delivery of my Lumia 928 and am very excited to try something different in a quality package. If I get the urge to tinker maybe I'll jailbreak my wife's POS iPhone 4.
    05-30-2013 11:11 AM

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