1. yashendra2797's Avatar
    Hey there!
    I am moving to a Lumia 720 from my ~3 year old Lumia 800. I am a WiNdows Phone veteran, so I am pretty comfortable with the change. What I want to know is that is it possible to backup and move my SMS/text messages too? I know that this feature is available in WP 8, is it available in 7 too?

    -Yashendra Shukla
    Yashendra Shukla - New Delhi, India, Student, Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Powai, Mumbai, Amity International School, Saket, New Delhi | about.me
    02-22-2014 04:39 AM
  2. EpicIncognitO's Avatar
    I think you can do that via the Transfer My Data app which you can download it to your 720, it will pull everything from your old phone :)

    Btw Congrats on getting the beauty beast phone lol
    02-22-2014 07:11 AM
  3. yashendra2797's Avatar
    Lol thanks! I'll check it out!
    02-22-2014 08:55 AM
  4. LTTG's Avatar
    Have fun with your new Windows Phone!
    02-22-2014 01:31 PM
  5. EpicIncognitO's Avatar
    Sure. And dont forget the Bing apps , they make your start screen beautiful.
    Lol thanks! I'll check it out!
    02-22-2014 04:20 PM
  6. yashendra2797's Avatar
    Thank you everybody!
    02-22-2014 10:12 PM

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