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    I have a 1020 with latest software. This is now the third time the following has happened:
    1) It only happens when I am in multiple cities in one day. Yesterday I was in DC, Baltimore, St. Louis (when it happened), and then home to LA (all in 1 day).
    2) Twice it was just the data connection goes dead. Yesterday voice and data went rendering the entire phone useless.
    3) The second time it happened it was just data connection. Got new SIM card and even a new phone and no difference - I ended up keeping the original phone. So ATT said it must be something with my account. Lasted a whole week and then came back. Apparently ATT was still troubleshooting and the return was spontaneous but I was without data service for 9 days. The first time it happened it lasted 2 days.
    4) Yesterday, the phone came back on line about 6 hours after being back home - I was asleep but was awoken by the text messages coming through and being read aloud.

    Soft reset does nothing. The second time hard reset did nothing. The only interesting thing that I noticed yesterday was after each soft reset, the day and time were different. Once it was set to last week (based on the calendar) and another time it was reset to several months ago. The time also varied but bore no relationship to current time. (as you'd expect for an offline phone). But how did it "pick" those days and time settings?

    The main question is - has anyone experienced this. I truly can't tolerate this. On days like this when I am all over the map I need a phone that works! Thanks.
    03-22-2014 09:28 AM

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