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    First, a bit if backstory. I have owned both iPhones and android devices spanning my 4 years of owning smartphones and tablets. I've iwned a iphone 4, iphone 5, a iphone 5S, a nexus 4, a iPad 4, and a nexus 7. I have a pretty good understanding if what both those OS offer and can do.

    However, about 2 or 3 months ago I became very interested to see what windows phone could offer. I always really liked the way the OS and UI looked, and have become more and more interested in using MS services since all the changes have been happening at MS. So I asked if I could borrow my friends 920 he used to use (he now uses a galaxy S4) so I can get acquainted with WP and see if I liked it better than iOS or android. I wanted to create a bit of a log of how this transition is going and would really love feedback from you guys. :)
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    So after some observations after 2 days of using it:

    im finding the metro UI a little hard to get used to in apps. I'm used to the apps having a layout like ios or android, but WP app do that scrolling to the side thing to access different categories or areas of the app. Noticed this in the amazon app for example.

    this might just be apo to app, but im noticing that im having to doca fair bit more of inputs to do stuff. I'll use acecanple if podcasts. I'm using I podcasts right now, and im order to download podcasts I need to not only be subscribed to the podcast, but I need into select which podcast to que up for download by pressing a button that will make check boxes appear, then once i have the ones I want to send to the que, I hit confirm. Then I have to go to those ones on the main page and check box all the ones that will then finally download. This is incredibly stupid. Its about 3 steps that aren't necessary. Again, I hope it was just this app.

    also, alot of these apps just don't seem very pretty or look like they haven't been touched in a while. I noticed this in apps like Spotify, tune in radio, and slacker. Also I notice alot of official apps have low star reviews because people are complaining they ceased being updated or they crash.

    and it might just be the 920s screen, but certain things like icons seem blurry. Like the thumbnail image for the app. Again, is this due to the 920s sub 1080p screen?


    now, the things like:

    again the start screen and UI. Glance is really cool and so is double tap to wake up the phone. And now that I found out about the app folders thing in liking that as well.

    considering this phone in using is well over a year old in surprised how smooth it is. And build quality is great. But I'm curious how ill get repairs dive if the phone does get damaged. There's no applestore equivalent far as I know of.

    wireless charging is super brat. Never owned a phone with it.

    so, I think maybe some if my negative points were just weird adjustments using something I've never used before for just two days. Obviously I need more time with the phone to make any kind of judgment, but I'm seeing the app thing being a possible negative that may stick. I'm not sure.

    I need to at least use the phone until 8.1 hits, because that's such a major update. In fact, maybe I can't make any fair assessments UNTIL that hits.
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    04-08-2014 05:19 PM
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    So some more observations:

    1. I'm noticing that video quality doesn't seem great compared to ny IOS devices. Big example was Netflix, which seemed blocky and pixelated when I was watching the avengers. App issue? WiFi issue?

    2. also, boy this phone is chunky.

    3. Argh, I keep accidently hitting links and getting typing issues.

    4. I think the way WP does type cursor manipulation is better than IOS or android. Feel like there's better control. Was jarring at first though.

    5. I'm still getting depressed how alot of apps just haven't been updated lately with improvements that the other versions of the app have. I'm pessimistic this will change going forward unless WP greatly increases market share

    6. Lack of amazon video bums me out.

    7. Stoked to get 8.1. Signed up for dev preview.

    8. Still love the visual style of OS.

    perhaps in harping too much on the app thing, but its a big deal. I almost just want MS to throw money at devs so they update regularly.
    04-09-2014 04:48 AM

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