1. WP_290's Avatar
    Hello, I was wonderng if these issues are in my phone or are software related, if you have the same issues please comment:

    The issues:

    - Sometimes before a call I need to put the phone in airplane mode and then come back, if not my phone always end the call instantly (this is less frequent now, maybe is fixed).

    -I have contantly slow data connection, this is strange because I think is not a carrier problem, other cellphones with the same carrier work fine, in fact sometimes is only in a particular app, for example: FB "having trouble to get data" and IE working fine, or vice versa.

    -When my battery is low some apps start to fail, and my phone is more unresponsive, for example Nokia Mix Radio or Music (I dont know how they call it now) works fine almost all the time, but when it crash I have low battery, I started to see a correlation. The phone have software tricks tu underclock the CPU or something similar?

    -Finally, my battery life is VERY unreliable, sometimes I get an entire day, sometimes 6 hours under light use.

    I have 8.0 DP, waiting a WiFi connection to get update 1. I hope Cyan adess some of this problems =( Iam really starting to appreciate WP.

    08-04-2014 11:29 AM
  2. mstangkiller's Avatar
    I haven't noticed this on my 1520 but my 920 would have connection issues with a low battery. I'd do a soft reset and it would work correctly again about half the time. The other half, the only way to fix it was with a charge.
    08-04-2014 11:34 AM

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