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    First post. Not first issue. I'm typically able to fix most by reading or trial and error. Not this time.

    My 1520, I got last December from a MS store. For reference, recently I have paired a Nokia Treasure Tag to it. My issue is the "brightness" setting in the settings list will not at all stay on "Automatically Adjust". If I tap the option, it appears to have set, the switch flips and my OS color fills the bar. The "Level" selection option underneath is grayed out. Great. The moment I leave that screen, the phone brightness level reverts back to whatever the last manual selection was; low, medium, or high. Also I have brightness in my Notification center and taping thru the options no longer pulls up "Automatic" as an option. Not sure what to do. have tried reset, several times (holding volume down and power) Not sure how to fix the issue. Please assist! Thank you, JW.
    09-15-2014 10:59 AM

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