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    It seems that I've got an unusual problem with my good ol' 920. For last three months (or something like this), some websites scroll themselves right without me doing anything but a simple tap on a screen. Sometimes it happens every time, sometimes it is not easy to repeat, but I caught this weird behaviour on video, but I can't post links so you can add it after YouTube adress ;)


    watch only first 7 seconds, as there's nothing interesting later.

    It happens at every website if it is zoomed (it doesn't occur while website fits to the screen).
    Unfortunately, sometimes when I try to scroll down, it also happens. My swipe is recognized as a tap and screen goes to the right and my finger cannot do anything. It happens very rarely and it can make using IE really frustrating.

    I'm really curious if you know anything about that and please do help me
    02-08-2015 10:55 PM

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