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    I know the short answer is EXCHANGE THE PHONE, but its not that easy...

    I bought an 'almost' new Lumia 920 running WP8 last week. It looks and acted as new until a few days ago when the screen began to freak out (vibrating Start Screen), it launched apps by itself, the time and date reset to 2013 a few times, and would not respond to my taps. It happened for an entire day. I soft reset the phone a few time and it still continued. Then it went away. It hasnt acted up in a few days now. Since then, I have updated the phone to 8.1.1 .

    How worried should I be (phone failure)? or just a hiccup?

    I am in Viet Nam. Phone sellers are notorious for 'tinkering' with phones and selling as new . I knew this and bought it knowing the risks. It's difficult to get much 'customer service' after you buy from one of these types. So, I am OK with paying to get the phone fixed if needed (its cheap to fix things here).

    Anyway, Does anyone have similar experiences? What was the prob? Solution?

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    If you do a soft reset then the date/time is set back to the last time an OS updates was installed.
    And if you do not enable that the date/time is set automatically you end up with this old time.
    So an "old" time after a soft reset is no "defect".
    When you set auto date/time your phone will use the wifi network or SIM to get the current time but this only works if the wifi network or SIM "give" this time. So it is possible that you do not get the current time even if you enable it in settings if the network does not support it.
    Furthermore if the network supports it it still can take a minute or so before the current time is shown.

    I am not sure what the freaking out of the screen cases but it looks touch screen related.
    If the touch panel gets "upset" (software glitch) it can give "fake" touches resulting in opening of apps.
    But this behavior can also be due to a crack in the touch screen or a bad connection between the touch screen and the main board or a damaged component or if the touch screen.
    Or the touch screen is not original anymore and is replaced by a "low quality" replacement.

    But because the touch now behaves normal it was probably a glitch.
    If this however starts again you may need to change the touch screen.
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    I'm hoping it's just a software glitch. I've done 2 full updates and a few minor ones since I got the phone.

    It was on WP8 w/Black when the problem with the screen happened. It lasted a day and was pretty much unusable. I updated it to 8.1 w/Cyan and it happened briefly (one time for 10 min) again.

    I update it to 8.1 Denim, then 8.1.1 GDR2 and it hasn't happened again but its only been 1 day. I suspect a bad cable/connection but we'll see.

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